Helping Hurt Church Members

Well hello everyone and welcome back to a place of TRUTH!  It is high time that we as Gods people begin the process of putting “Christ” back in “Christian.” And how do I hope to accomplish this?  Pure exposure!  For some reason or another, these days we need to expose the “Lies” that go on in churches, before we can figure out what the “Truth” really is.


“Helping Hurt Church Members” may sound like a charity catch phrase, but the “Truth” of the matter is, someone has to show them a more perfect way.  That someone is me!  Brothers and sister, I survived excommunication, massive debt and even depression…so can you!


God never intended for his deliverance process to be so overly complicated, but nonetheless we have managed to make it almost unattainable by default.  People have played the “Religious card” for way too long, and at this point in time, more are being “Hurt” instead of “Healed,” “Dying” instead of “Living,” and just “Surviving” instead of “Thriving.” God has always had high hopes for “His” people to deliver “His” message to the lost…I think it’s about time to get things back on track.


Did you miss me while I was gone?  I’m sure there are those who just want me to shut up and stop it already because they want you to continue to live in your substandard way of thinking…..But i won’t.  Because as far as I’m concerned; if I don’t say what needs to be said, then nobody else will.  I already tried the, “Just ignore it and it’ll go away” technique, but it didn’t work for me (or you).  I also endeavored to follow the “Just be obedient and shut your mouth” route, but that too proved to be disastrous. 


Jesus is real and alive and it’s about time that someone tells you to change the way your doing things if they don’t work.  There’s a saying that goes, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”  That statement only holds true for those who are actually able to succeed after trying.  But some people are in churches that no matter how much they try, try, again, they will still be held to a life of disappointment and fail, fail, forever.  


That’s right! We’re just going to jump right into it feet first.  No since in just beating around the bush, let’s get down to the crux of the matter.  I haven’t had a site up for some time, so you know I have lots to say.  Let us begin! 


“Truth” is one of those things that people either live by or could do without, either way, I’m going to talk about a lot of it on this site.  If your new to what I’m seemingly ranting and raving about; the reason is all because of churches that can’t stand righteousness.  Churches that I, and many others were a part of until excommunication or some other kind of dreary action took place.  Christianity is supposed mean “Christlike,” but unfortunately not everyone got that memo. 


My wife and I were subjugated to all manner of evils right in the (holiness) church turned cult.  Cover-ups, lies, misuse of money, and a lack of love for the people were just a few of the things we faced on an ongoing basis.  If any of this sounds all too familiar to you as a member or even a minister, then more than likely your headed down the same path I did.  This site is an extended hand to those who plead for a better understanding of what’s really going on in their church. 


If you’re in a good church already with a pastor who loves the people, then there’s no since in going anywhere else.  However, if after you read everything on this site and realize that there’s something amiss in the church you attend, then…… YOU NEED TO TAKE ACTION. 

If you’re in one of those churches where you get scolded and rebuked by the pastor (just because he can) like a little child constantly, then change it.  If you don’t like the situation your in, just change it.

Yes, Rev Bowers is back….bigger, better and more blessed than ever! I know some just can’t stand it when Christians actually act like Jesus, talk like Jesus and walk like Jesus.  Yes, it’s rare to actually find someone who cares enough to take a no holds barred approach to Christianity (or the lack thereof) and to make it possible for all to hear.  I find it literally impossible to stop convincing people of the harsh realities of what Christianity is quickly becoming….and why should I stop sending a message of hope?  So here it is, you now have it; the pure, undefiled truth at its finest.  It’s high time that someone opened up this vehicle of Christianity full throttle, giving it as much horsepower as possible to plow over the many crafty lies that the Devil has been placing in the church.

I sat back for years watching what I say as to not offend others or get sternly rebuked by elders in the church.  How did that work out for me?  It didn’t.  So now, if you get in my way, I will not swerve to avoid you, but I will run you over with truth….and it does hurt, especially when you realize (like I did) that you were in the wrong place, being led astray.  I will not dance around the truth while so many of my brothers and sisters across this globe are giving up a hope that their own church/pastors took away from them.  Yes, that’s exactly what this ministry is about….just in case your wondering.  Oh, and yes, it is still biblical to be your borthers/sisters keeper.  I’m not talking about a “Keeper” of their offering, mind, tithe, or ideas, but a “Keeper” of their soul, well being and spirituality as a brother in Christ. It’s time to fight back and take back the joy of your salvation brethren.  I’m personally at the point in my life where nothing else matters anyway; except for serving God and getting my mansion in the sky prepared. 


Jesus threw over the money changers tables….wait, we say we are Christians, but how many of us actually stand up to evil when it presents itself?  I’m not talking about sitting down and teaching a sinner about Christ, because their not the enemy.   But what about those of us who entertain the enemy with the very blessings that God has bestowed on us?  Many times we just sit right down at the table with it, breaking bread as if all is well…”Brother could you pass the salt please.” I wonder though, maybe some aren’t fighting against the evil in the church because then they’d be fighting themselves.


See, if people would actually “Be” spiritual instead of “Act” spiritual, more would identify that person sitting at the table next to them as an imposter.  Jesus said, look, one of you here is going to sell me out and I’m going to tell you exactly who it is by what he does.  And sure enough, Judas!  But how many times do we just sit around fellowshiping with people who are just like Judas, but we still call them brother or sister?  How many times will we allow false prophets to teach us how NOT to be spiritual and even after years of accepting such fiends in our life, acknowledge them as a “Man of God.”


Did anyone actually read the part in the bible where it gives the qualifications for a bishop? (1Timothy chapter 3)  And if you did, then why are you either ignoring it or afraid to address it towards your pastor?  Come on people, we know the bible, but when it comes time to make a stand, we get all scared.  The church I came from prayed all the time, but yet not a single person could see the evil in the church and do something about it.  If we want to be more like Jesus, then at some point in time we need to learn how to do all things that please the Father, and not appease the flesh.


Would you confront evil even if it is the pastor or his wife?  Most wouldn’t and eventually they’d turn just like him.  Would you continue to let it slide for the next 5 years, excusing it as a shortcoming, or would you do something about it?  “Oh, I just pray that God will help them.” That’s my whole point, they don’t listen to God or his reasoning, but most wont get that through their head to received it. They say that a church can only go as far as their pastor can take them.  If that’s true then, no need to pack a bag, you’d better just travel light.  Some are afraid that they’ll get rebuked for telling the truth. Huh!?!? That fear of man is going to leave us all in ruin one day.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; a respect and honor to a pastor is one thing but fear and worship is another.


I watched, justified and even partook of things that I knew were uncomfortable and unreasonable to me for years, so I know what it’s like to be bound under these circumstances.  Feeling like you want to speak up, but sore afraid of the potential open rebuke and shame that would follow.  Who the Son sets free is free indeed; but that’s bondage, pure 100% bondage.  You sing the song, “He set me free,” but are you really free? I know, some more crazy tales right? But I think that by now your starting to realize where I stand when it comes to righteousness.  No, I don’t have everything put together perfect, but at least I know where the pieces are and I have the ability, freedom and desire to work on it.  No one has to pretend their perfect, but how about we at least strive for it?


“Sir, your not right with God,” the Bible clearly says, “…love your enemies, do good to them which hate you.  Bless them that curse you, and pray for them which despitefully use you.” Luke 6:27-28.  First off, one should really continue reading the rest of the chapter to understand what these verses are relating to.  There is no contradiction in what I’m saying here and even so, doesn’t that just sound weird when I apply that scripture to the people in church who were supposed to be my friends?  Besides, loving an enemy is one thing, but surrounding yourself with them is another.  Why would anyone in their right mind want to stay put in a place where they “Despitefully use you?” (laughing to self) you’d be amazed!  Talk about a glutton for punishment. 


I played my part in all that for years, but the fact still remains that there wasn’t anyone else out there as vocal and direct, saying and teaching the things that were really going on.  But regardless, I will never ever in a million years put myself back into a setting like that.  I loved the people back then and I still love them now, but choices have to be made, and I made mine several years ago.  I’m grateful that I didn’t completely throw in the towel as others did, but that’s not something I will ever boast about.  Many a preacher has died in these types of churches, and I’m no where near happy and rejoicing about it.


Question? What happens to the person who was hurt so badly by their pastor that they no longer want anything to do with God and or a church again? And the church said “Amen,” no actual the church said…..NOTHING! because it was too busy mastering the art of “Shunning,” all while listening to a lie themselves; they missed out on this mans ministry and what he had to offer to the body of believers.  I know that we were taught not to ask any questions concerning a brother or sister, who out of nowhere just up and left the church.  It was so unbiblical and even odd that when a faithful member left the church, it was as if no one was even concerned enough to inquire as to what even happened.  Usually the pastors will either stay low key about the whole situation or take out the big guns and use the pulpit to explain why he or she was not right with God and left. 

The response generally goes hand and hand with whether or not the member was kicked out the church versus left the church because they got sick and tired of the mess. Either way, they are a soul lost, and someone is responsible for what they did to them.  I don’t understand what churches are not getting here; people are broken, betrayed, and left for dead

You tell me how their supposed to feel.  You tell me what are they supposed to do after giving all of the their youth to a cause which not only failed, but disdained them.  Please explain to this world of sinners that not even being a Christian is a safeguard against enemies who bring jealousy and hatred towards you.  Or how about we just act like (like most are doing anyway) nothing ever really happened.  I wonder do they even miss their brothers and sisters when their gone.  “It is what it is,” Right? It’s not you your problem anymore, and who cares if they stop serving God now.  Well, I care!  Some really do think that they are justified in their heinous actions towards a child of Christ, and that abandonment is a just form of punishment for standing up for righteousness…..well it isn’t! 




Playing church my friend, has now come to an end.  We have to get serious about serving the Lord.  No more staying in churches that make you feel miserable.  No more staying in churches that have no idea how to cultivate your spiritual growth or allow you to pursue person goals.  No more putting up with the tales and traditions of man which only serve to hinder Gods natural progression of the church.  No more listening to people who “Hate” you but “Love” your money. In everything we are to give thanks unto our Lord, and it’s about time we as believers commit and dedicate ourselves more wholeheartedly to him.  Enough of the fake smiles, with a bad attitude.  Enough of the quoting scriptures that we don’t live because we don’t even understand them. 


Churches have done one of three things over the years:

#1 Stayed true the word of God and exhibit a spiritual behavior conducive to Christian living.

#2 Strayed away from the paths of righteousness and allowed compromise and mediocrities to enter into their ranks. 

#3 Their just a flat out cult.  No one likes to hear that about their church and I would have told you years ago that it’s not even possible and to say such things is blasphemy.  However, people have been misguided into thinking that just because someone says, “Jesus” or “Holiness” that we’re officially not a cult.  If that’s your thinking, you couldn’t be further from the truth.


Way to many members have succumb to the likes of these types of dictators who insist that you worship at their feet and call them “Pastor” out of a sign of respect.  Well, if they don’t respect you, then why should you return the favor?  Oh I know, Cause it’s the Christian thing to do.  Hopefully at some point in time we will begin to understand that not everything people want to associate with being a “Christian” is actually even biblical.


In God dwells a marvelous light which he cant help shinning simply because he’s, well, GOD.  But there are some dark sides to the things which we have been led to believe for some time.  These falsified, covered-up, repulsive, evasive, “Men of Gosh” that go around parading themselves as the “Last hope” for the universe have been on a rampage for much too long.  I’m not going to say that I can stop every corrupt preacher, member, cult under the sun, but I will put forth an effort. 


You will notice that I have switched my train of though (not derailed, just changed tracks for a new destination) on the approach on this site/ministry almost entirely.  It’s time to launch out into the deep water, and take a no holds barred approach to the deprived state of what we know as “Christianity” and the reproach that it has become in our world today.  I love my Lord so very much, and I just want others to be able to do the same without feeling like they have to live in fear and humiliation. 


Yes indeed, Jesus still sets the captive free….so then why are we so bound?  And more than this, why are we still hurting the church, getting rid of it’s members by means of deceit? You might be saying, Huh? when did all this happen and what’s your problem anyway? This has been going on for years across the board.  While some churches are enjoying the spiritual bliss of the Holy Ghost, others are enjoying getting rich and living lavishly at the expense of others.


Meanwhile, there are those who should be pastoring and teaching in YOUR CHURCH! but are out trying to find another church where they can feel love, grow and move on with their life. This in itself is not as easy as it sounds, believe me I know.  So unfortunately for most of the people who either get kicked out of a church or leave because of “Irreconcilable” differences; this spells “The end.’  life gets way more simplified to them when people just give up!  “No more Church, no more God, no more hope, and no more Christianity for me.” 


If you think that this isn’t happening…well think again because it is.  And those who are supposed to be responsible for these souls, are off riding around town in their expensive vehicles, looking for another real estate prospect. Yup, while they got you working your fingers to the bones, their busy sipping martinis at a fancy restaurant, trying to sleep with YOUR WIFE, or out collecting rent on their properties.   Once again, this junk goes on in way to many churches, and the sad thing about it is that the members just keep going there excusing it.  I understand that each and every one of us need time to grow, but if your pastor has been spending more time getting fresh with the ladies, than getting close to God, he needs to go.  If your going to tell me that adultery doesn’t happen in a so called Holiness church…I’m going to call you a liar. It’s always amazing though how we as Christians only want to repent when we get caught.  Why do we have to go there all the time?   Why can’t Christians just get to God and repent? 


Well many of the reasons why the members are the way they are, is because of their pastor.  If he treats his wife like trash, then so will the members.  If the pastor is an adulterer, then so are the members.  If the pastor is money hungry….then so are the members.  I’m not saying that every single person in the church is that way…..yet!  See, here’s the thing that I want to make sure that everyone coming to this site understands; we are still fighting a “Spiritual” battle, but unfortunately there are those who insist on trying to use a “Physical” means to fight it. 


Mark my words, things will stay hidden from others eyes until someone gets spiritual enough to see the demon behind it.  One of the best camouflages that the devil has used over the years to pull the wool over the Christians eyes is their pastor.  Most will absolutely refuse to make an accusation, even if God himself told them who was sinning and doing evil towards the people.  But yet, those same members will let good (those who are a blessing) brothers and sisters get sent away from the church without questioning anyone’s motives.  Anyway, I don’t know if I can put any more nails in that coffin and besides, I wrote about some of this in the articles you will read later.



If you have a desire to change your present location in life, just apply these one, two, three….three easy steps:

  1. JUST
  3. IT

I know they make it like there’s no other options outside of their church community, but it’s a big fat lie.  You don’t have to stay put in a situation that you have no control over; because actually you do have control over (but you just don’t know it yet) it, if you want it.

DO NOT let anyone ever tell you that hell will be your home if you leave their (rendition of) church.  I heard this mess for years…and believed it until God smiled on me and showed me a more perfect way.  A funny thing that is though; I went to two different churches and both of them said the exact same thing as pertaining to “Them being the only church going to heaven.”  I’m not in the business of breeding contention towards members and pastors, but enough is enough when souls are getting destroyed right in the church.

Do continue serving God, praying, reading your bible and telling others about Jesus.  We’ve been through some crazy things in our life, but I refuse to just walk away from God.


  • Even if you gave half of your life to a group who turned on you in the end 
  • Even if others have left off serving God.
  • Even if they lied on you
  • Even if they deceived you
  • Even if they turned your own spouse against you
  • Even if they manipulated you
  • Even if they took you money
  • Even if they shun you…..Don’t walk away from God!

Fact: Just because someone says that their church is a movement,

doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s towards God and doing right.

As always, anyone one here is free to agree or disagree with my views, but if your going to any of the churches I attended faithfully and have the notion that you’re going to tell me I’m wrong, then please just find yourself another site,  because I know better.  Not to say I know everything and do everything perfect, cause I don’t.  But I watched for about twenty years of my life as the churches I attended failed preachers, pastors, children, parents, church members, Bible College students and their local communities.  I stood by watching and participating in a HOPE that turned out to be FALSE. Don’t make that same mistake!

Not to get it twisted; I’m speaking about the hope the church took away, not the hope that Jesus gave, because I still believe in that hope.  Actually I still do believe in the church, it’s purpose, it’s members and the pastor as a whole, but not in those which promote God on the outside but live a whole different cause and message in their hearts.

Truly, what should have been the best experience of my life turned out to be the most horrible thing anyone could think of and it all happened right in the church.  So I still have something to say about it, like it or not. Yes, I know that I may seem quite direct on many things, but we need to snap out of that trance like state which keeps us bound.

As I said many months ago I will have something else for you….well here it is.  I have not come anywhere near completing everything but I did nonetheless want get this up and running.  If you thought the last site was pure exposure (and it was), now I’m going to take it up a couple of notches to see what you really know about the Christian faith/religion.  These days churches are full of well meaning people who just want to do the “Lords will,” but unfortunately the people have perished because of their pastors lack of a vision. You will hear a lot about this, but even more about the end results of such disastrous attempts.

It’s not that they “Won’t” change, but that they “Can’t” change for the better due to their environment.  If you’re having spiritual growth problems, the cure may come as a surprise to you. In the past we would think you a failure who refused to surrender things to God, but not anymore.  That way of thinking is out the door because I realize that many of these churches are holding you hostage in a place where it’s impossible to do anything valid for God.  The moment you excel past them, jealously, mockery and ignorant behavior towards you starts and goes on 24/7.  Or how about when you believe that God is actually talking to you about something, but the pastor ALWAYS disagrees with your decisions….because he didn’t make them for you.

So once again, if you plan on leaving comments about me being bitter, wrong, crazy and so forth, you might want to #1 talk to some of the others who left their churches because of the same reasons. #2 Just get saved and drop all that trying to appease your infidel pastor.  You might not be next in line on his expulsion list, but rest assure, you are on there somewhere. 

When corrupt pastors (or whatever you want to call them) fall by the way side, they have no choice but to drag everyone else down with them.  They can’t have everyone else being a real Christian with a vision for the lost when they don’t.  I don’t know about others, but I have no desire for the “Lets make it up as we go” religion.  I feel the need to make my calling and election sure, and if I can’t do that where I’m at….Gone!

I know, these are more of my lies (said the people who got rid of Rev. Bowers and others), just like the other site I had up for over two years…just a bunch of garbage.  And that’s exactly why you were always on that one reading about yourself (yes, I know you’re here to), and that’s why you’ll read everything on this site also.  Don’t fool yourself.  If this is a bunch of jargon, then why are you always on here before everyone else?  It’s amazing how that some people want so bad to prove me wrong and discredit my work, but yet their the ones who initiated the plan and cover up that leads to so many people’s demise. 

It’s bad enough to dispatch with your own spirituality, but to disperse that same unthoughtful attitude and mindset among others is just downright shameful.  How do people get delight in dragging someone else down into the muck with them, all while putting a “Jesus sticker” on it and calling it a “True religion?”  If you’re sick and tired of people bossing you around in the church and making it seem as if its their “God given right,” then we agree on something…. cause I’m sick of it too.  I played that card for way too many years to end up getting kicked out of the church and sit there and do nothing about it.  I know there are many others who want to serve God (And I do serve God) but the very reason why they fail is because of the church that they are attending.  Don’t stop going to church altogether…just stop going to that one.

If you want to stop being a religious hypocrite, then this is the place for you.  If you’re exhausted from giving your all to the church but receiving nothing but ridicule in return, then you’re in the right place.  If you were kicked out, left for dead, shunned, lied on, cheated out of your finances by a so called church who could care less either due to their ignorance or arrogance….then you’re in the right place.  Lastly, if you came to this site/ministry by accident, or your just looking for spiritual growth, then let me assist you with some infallible truths.


coollogo_com-252282122Strengthen those who have been left by the way side; beaten, robbed and left for dead by their very own beloved pastors. Lord, I just pray that there are better things on the horizon for those who have been in these instances of life. Lastly, help us to keep the (first) love that brought us to a newness of life. Order our steps and direct our paths in these next chapters of our life. Amen!




Thing is though, every and anyone is free to do what they want with their life and whether or not their desire is to serve the Lord or not is up to the individual entirely.  As a sinner it is your option to stay a sinner, and as a saint, it’s still anyone’s personal decision.  How ever far away from God you want to be is up to you, and how close you want to be to God is, again, your decision.  You can be a Christian who just goes to church all the time but never seems to grow, or you can be one who digs in deep and truly dedicated his or her self entirely to God.  But of course that would mean getting rid of all that hinders Gods spirit from taking over in your life.  The “Status quo Christian never goes out of style, because there’s always going to be such a great abundance of those who want to be…well I think this verse says it better.  Mathew 20:16 “…for many be called, but few chosen.”  There’s a lot of would-be Christians who are toiling with sweat on their brow, but they no not why.  Their getting something out of the deal, but at what cost?


Some would say, “I’m doing great in one of these types of churches because I just block out the things I don’t want to see.”  I had one man tell me that he was well aware of who to listen to and who not to, therefore he decided to just stay in a corrupted church.  Never mind that your pastor is being used of the Devil more than he is of God, you’re just going to go right ahead and listen to him.  And who cares that your fellow Christians are dying right in the church sitting next to you.  This attitude represents the reason why so many church people stay in bondage to their surroundings.


Someone please remind me why that we go to church in the first place, because I was under the impression that it was to become a better person.  I thought that a Church was designed so that a soul who wanted Heaven and not Hell, could actually find such a refuge.  I guess I always figured that it was a place for “Bad” people to become “Good” and for “Sad” people to become “Happy.”  When Jesus said, “Feed my sheep” I’m sure that he wasn’t insinuating feeding them a bunch of garbage, but it’s up to you to dictate your spiritual nutrition intake.   Welcome to reality 101 and this concludes today’s lesson on “Do what you want, but I told you so.”