Posted by on February 5, 2015

Think on these things….I don’t think so!


I believe that we as Christians spend way too much time fretting and fearing on “What shall be tomorrow,” instead of just keeping our “Hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” We must be thoroughly convinced that Jesus is the answer for the world today, but also, just you personally as an individual.   Phil.4:7-9 lists a few things for us to focus and think about on a daily basis (not just during crisis situations).  Thinking about “Things that are true, honest and pure,” would definitely not be of the same thought pattern as “Things that are false, dishonest, and tainted with evil.”

No doubt, there may be, oh, a few times here and there in your life when it may have been easier to just let someone else think about “Good God” things.  Indeed, there will be times when we just don’t have anything (so to speak) “Good” to speak, talk, or think about.   “Whatsoever things” have been put in your life to prevent you from having a virtuous life full of praise, I know not, but God does and so do you.

This world has so many ways to take your precious thoughts away from you and replace them with emptiness, void and sadness.  Therefore, when we ask ourselves the question, ” Why am I not thinking correctly?” We have to realize that somewhere in our minds, we’ve given in to a circumstance or situation, rather than God.  And sometimes we can get so busy into wondering why God is or isn’t doing something, but the simple answer to that is to just get your thinking right.  What did you think about all day long?  Was it good or evil?  Because it’s easy to go through a “Whole day” without even thinking about something good and reliable, especially if we’ve surrounded ourselves with naysayers, gossipers or bad news.

It’s also very easy to make excuses why we have a bad attitude and could really care less about anyone or anything (at the time).  But it’s also around that time, (of contrary thinking) when the Holy Ghost prompts us to think on a scripture of a past victory, but we whisper to ourselves, “I don’t think so.”  And why is this such a highly rated reply, simple, because we just don’t want to hear it.  Well, we’re going to hear it from others regardless, especially if our thinking causes us to really go off the deep end and bottom out.  So why not just save ourselves from creating an even bigger dilemma by surrendering to what we have learned from the bible, that is, allowing the peace of God back into your heart.