Posted by on February 6, 2015

Unstopping the wells

Genesis 26:12-22 Clearly this man Isaac was well favored by God (in spite of his little courtship shenanigans), and it showed so much that it made others JEALOUS of him.  Their actions towards him show us how evil such an attitude of jealousy really is.  It can cause even your peers to look at you in disgust, to the point where they hate that you are blessed more than they are.  When God dealt with my heart about this, it was only concerning the “Wells,” but now I realize there was much more to it than that. In this setting we also see how that a man was “THROWN OUT” of the land that he and HIS FAMILY had been living in.  And this is why it’s always a bad idea to covet what your brother or neighbor has….why does this sound so familiar?

As we read these several verses, we begin to realize a few things about Isaac.  #1 He was faithful to God.  #2 He was bless of God.  #3 After he sowed, he also received.  #4 He didn’t have to rob, cheat and steal to “Grow great.”  #5 He digged again the wells of water. 

When it comes to our attention that an enemy had filled in our well with dirt, what do we do?  Are we swift to take action, or do we just say, “OH WELL, I have several others that haven’t been buried….YET! Years ago, I know exactly how I would have answered that question, but today, I MAKE myself more aware of what’s going on and attempt to remedy the situation rather than let it be “Stopped” for another day.  See, the thing about letting antiproductive events go on in your life longer than they should is a bad idea all together, because one day you WILL have to deal with what or who ever is filling your wells with dirt.  When you get “Dehydrated” of your spirituality because of a lack of the living water, it wont be long before you find yourself dried up, and thirsty for something else.  It would have been real easy for Isaac to totally change the entire outcome of this situation if he responded incorrectly, but the wells had great significance to him, therefore he took action.

First, we need to identify the enemy as an actual “Enemy” and not just someone or something that is simply misunderstood from time to time.  Second, we need to put a stop to the thing or person(s) responsible for filling our well (life) with unwanted and unneeded material.  Third, dig new wells to replace those which have been filled.  I have to say that NOW it’s easy to point out the culprit, but in years past, I sat there and allowed the enemy do his dirty deeds.  And what makes this so bad, at times I actually helped to fill my own wells with the material the enemy was using against me.

If we as Christians are not careful in guarding our wells (hearts), then we make ourselves a target, ready for an easy picking (or burying in this case) by the enemy.   We can ask, “WELL, WHY DID THEY PICK ON ME?” And the answer to that question is, because that’s what the enemy does best.  Note: make sure you know the person digging next to you, because they might hit you over the head with a shovel, and push you in the hole.  Be sober, be vigilant, watch and pray!