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“No taste, no flavor, no distinction, no value!”


“Savourless salt” Christians are those who have lost their impact and compelling ability along the way.  These are those who will quickly say that they are “In the way,” however, they just need to “Get out the way” and allow God to perform his great work in their life.  As Christians, it is very hard to admit that we have lost our desire and value and have become “Good for nothing.”  I’ve found myself in this place, more than once to say the least and it’s just not conducive to the portrayal of what we ought to be.   For those who cook, it’s just like having a spice rack full of seasonings and yet, the food is still bland.  A prime cut of meat will taste just like any other if not seasoned properly.

Each of us, as a believer has a certain, “Flavor” or “Distinction” that God promotes through us, but to lose that, means to forget who we are in Him.  In the bible, the priest walked on the other side of the man who had been attacked by thieves.  This “Holy man of God” should have been the Samaritan that went to pick up this beaten man.  “He lost it!” the main “Something” that the priest should have had was lost in his religious garm.  I’ll be the first to admit, that in times past, I would have been that priest who just walked by, being preoccupied with life and earthly concerns.   Sulking, is an attribute of one who has lost their savour, always feeling down because of your “Lack.”  Brethren, we are the “Salt of the earth!” As Christians, we are to bring life to that which is dead, not be “Dead” and “Cast out” ourselves.  It is time that we gird up our loins, allow God to “Re-season” us to his taste, and move forward in victory.   The world abroad is counting on us to live in such a way that we become peculiar individuals, with divine purpose and inspiration enough to fuel their passion and desire for change.

Christianity is one of those things that unless you completely surrender your all, you will not see the value in it.  So many people will go on for  years calling themselves Christians, however their life/words actions are saying their something “Other than,“ hence the term Savourless salt Christian! In many cases, it’s not that they have entirely given up on God, but their focus needs to be rerouted.  In truth, a Savourless salt Christian is one who has given up on “Themselves.”  What exactly is it that makes a man or woman stand out in a crowded room? What makes a sinner acknowledge that you are a Christian, without even asking?  Christianity has characteristics just like any other religion does, but what is it that sets us apart?  Many will struggle with this in their Christianity for perhaps years until they finally get it right, but when they do, “Watch out!” Devil. When it comes to this religion, there is no such thing as an “Overnight success.”  Though salvation is instantaneous, living a life that portrays “Salvation” is a task of a lifetime.  Mat: 5:13

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