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ropeWe as Christians have take absolute precautions in our life to make sure that being taken advantage of never happens again.  I have personally made a vow to both myself and my wife that we will stay away from both people and places that bind us while taking advantage of our kindness and genuine love. It could be that next time I may not be so fortunate to make it out spiritually alive.  Might I suggest that we as Christians begin to manufacture more boldness to properly balance out that passive nature that always puts us in predicaments that we don’t have the guts to speak out against.

We’re not of those who should be loud and boisterous by nature, but we do need to stand our ground and face opposition rather than just tuck tail and run away from it. Both natures coexist in Christians, however, at some point we’ve got to take the words, “Sucker” off of our forehead and pull the “Kick me, I wont do or say anything” sign off of our backs.

Sister/brother don’t just stand there while getting dismantled piece by piece mentality and then tell the person doing it, “God bless you, thank you!”  Thank you for what? You didn’t do anything to even help me grow in Christ.  All some people ever want to do is take, take and take some more and then they expect no one to fight them back because your a Christian.  They want to strip you of everything valuable and then make YOU feel bad about not giving it willingly.  No sir, I don’t think so, I rode that train for way too many years as I watched my family struggle while others reigned supreme over us….No More! 

To me that’s just like letting a thief come in through the window at 2 o’clock in the morning, scaring your family and kicking the cat, but the so called strong man of the house just tells everyone it’s alright.  He says, “Just go back to bed, everything will be GONE in the morning when you wake up.”  Now by the grace of God I’ve never had a physical break in, but if I catch you before you see me coming, it will not end well for you (I’ll repent for putting it on you so badly later).  Protect your household strongman, stop willingly let others bind you up in knots and gag you, as they take their time to spoil your household….then ask you with a smirk, “Would you like some of this?”  Mat.12:29

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