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Question? What happens to the person who was hurt so badly by their pastor that they no longer want anything to do with God and or a church again? And the church said “Amen,” no actual the church said…..NOTHING! because it was too busy mastering the art of “Shunning,” all while listening to a lie themselves; they missed out on this mans ministry and what he had to offer to the body of believers.

I know that we were taught not to ask any questions concerning a brother or sister, who out of nowhere just up and left the church.  It was so unbiblical and even odd that when a faithful member left the church, it was as if no one was even concerned enough to inquire as to what even happened.  Usually the pastors will either stay low key about the whole situation or take out the big guns and use the pulpit to explain why he or she was not right with God and left.

The response generally goes hand and hand with whether or not the member was kicked out the church versus left the church because they got sick and tired of the mess. Either way, they are a soul lost, and someone is responsible for what they did to them.  I don’t understand what churches are not getting here; people are broken, betrayed, and left for dead

You tell me how their supposed to feel.  You tell me what are they supposed to do after giving all of the their youth to a cause which not only failed, but disdained them.  Please explain to this world of sinners that not even being a Christian is a safeguard against enemies who bring jealousy and hatred towards you.

Or how about we just act like (like most are doing anyway) nothing ever really happened.  I wonder do they even miss their brothers and sisters when their gone.  “It is what it is,” Right? It’s not you your problem anymore, and who cares if they stop serving God now.  Well, I care!  Some really do think that they are justified in their heinous actions towards a child of Christ and that abandonment is a just form of punishment for standing up for righteousness…..well it isn’t!

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