Posted by on September 27, 2018

 As Christians we MUST realize that there’s a distinction between getting vs being ready. There IS an urgency to be prepared for the return of Christ. Let there be no mistake, that day will eventually come, whether we are spiritually prepared or not. When I think about, lets say, a job interview, there are steps that must be taken so I can “Get ready” early enough to make it to the destination prepared and on time. I want to get my self together for the big day by picking out the proper clothes, showering, making sure I am properly groomed and so on. But it’s not until I have completed all of these combined tasks that I have actually become ready.

When Christ comes back for his people, there wont even be a moment in time afforded us to make any preparations due to the instantaneous calling up that will take place. So in other words, we have to “Be ready” and “Stay ready” at all times. There will be no opportunity afforded anyone to seek forgiveness of unrepentant sins. There will be no extended time for those who were physically laying in their beds sleep after a night of things not including prayer, so to speak.

We must understand that God is not a respector of persons, so those who are waiting for Sunday church to repent, might want to rethink their approach to salvation, because no man knows the day, time or hour of His return. Know that this is no easy task and the Bible even teaches us through Jesus himself in Mathew 25:2-4 how easy it can be to get side tracked and lax.

There were 10 virgins….five were getting ready…five had already came ready and prepared for the marriage. five were labeled as “Foolish” and five were labeled as “Wise”…it’s something to think about. One could say that it would be foolish of us to not be prepared and to treat the return of Christ in a nonchalant manner. This behavior or mind set is exemplified with the foolish virgins who figured they’d just take oil from the others, rather than come prepared themselves.

The wise virgins declared, “Not so, lest there be not enough for us and you.” From this, we can also see that there are times when we must first think about our personal relationship with Christ, before we can assist others with their walk and journey. Also, don’t gauge your preparedness off of others, because it may not be enough. 

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