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wolf in front of church

There’s a lot of people who still consider themselves to be Christians, but are so fed up with church right now.

They are so fed up with church that they don’t even want to attend anymore.  My question is,  how and why is it that people even get to be this way?

They are fed up with church because of corrupt, money hungry, adulterous preachers.  But who among us would dare say that these people can’t be right with God…..but yet at the same time be sick and tired of the whole “Church thing?”  It doesn’t necessarily mean that they are done with God, the bible, and salvation, but with the people who claim to be “Of God.”

So many have given our God a bad reputation, making him seem as a God who just doesn’t care anymore about his people.  It’s made to believe that our God is currently unable to keep his promises of deliverance from sin.  None of this can be further from the truth!

My wife says to me the other day, “If Christians are allowed to do everything that the sinners are able to do, then what sets them apart?”  Exactly!  What’s more, so called pastors teach the church not to live in such a sinful way, but yet they are doing ten times worse.

It really does baffle me how that so called people of God seem to always miss what God is trying to say and show them.  We got it backwards; people continue to follow openly sinful pastors and churches, but yet these same people will always question the motives of a “Real” Christian “All the time.”

I am fully persuaded that salvation to some is just another mystery that will never be solved.  Christianity was never meant to be, “Let me see how close I can come to sinning, without actually sinning.” I can guarantee you, if that’s your nonchalant way of thinking and doing things, the boat will rock, and you will fall overboard into sin.  You might not be fortunate enough to find a board or pieces of the ship to float on.

Could it be though, that some also actually want the same sadistic ways that their wicked pastor has?

I think so!  But you see, the problem with that is this; even though humanity may turn the blinded eye, God doesn’t.

The Old testament brought a certain leeway from God; allowing these saints to enter into paradise on the merit of obedience to the prescribed sacrifice that pertained to particular sins. There was also the Ten commandments, which further gave law and the demand for obedience.  But….Since Christ came and died for our sins, it’s as if many would dare say, “Who cares?”  Though they may not say it with their words, it’s done in deed.

Modern day Christians no longer hold their salvation as something valuable because they seemingly don’t have to work for it anymore.

They think that just because sacrificing animals is no longer a requirement for today, that “Sacrifice” in general is also a mute point.  Giving ones self to God has never been more complicated with all the alluring things of the world, so I guess we should all just throw in the towel, forget God, and yet, still hope for heaven….Not going to happen!

Pretty much every Christian would agree that it’s difficult at times to stay saved, but for those who disagree just live any old way anyhow, so it doesn’t matter.  I’ve always told my wife this,  “That it’s one thing for you as an individual to sin, but another when you drag others into your sin.”

But why would anyone sin in such a way that would effect a whole church of people? So after the sin is justified by the guilty party, this flock of people are now left with the fact that, “If the devil can take out our pastor, then how can I stand against him?”  Think about what you’re doing and how it will hurt others before you go off and commit a series of gross sins.  Hey, I’m just saying why people are “Fed up” with church nowadays.

How many can relate to this very topic in their personal lives?…..Way too many!  But the question is, why are there so many in this state of life and mind?

The church was designed as a place where Gods people could come and worship him in spirit and truth.  A place where His spirit would abide, souls could get saved and a sanctuary for the weary to find fulfillment.  So what happened?

As we look to the news of this world, it’s fairly easy to find church scandal after church scandal.  Many of the most renown pastors of this day have been found to be guilty of sins that ought not be.  And the sad part about this is, some of these sins have the penalty of a pastor stepping down from his position.

Nonetheless, they continue to preach with acceptance from the people, which only further proves the existence of an untamed sin that has already breached the pews and alter of the church.  Woe unto us that allow such people to continue ministering without being checked; in actuality, it’s the spirit that goes unchecked.

I’ve met so many people who just don’t want anything to do with the church anymore.

Though they insist that they still know, seek and love the Lord, they refuse to attend any church, especially the organization based ones.  They have grown weary of the confusing doctrines, money hungry preachers and foolish antics.  Instead of giving people reasons to attend their services, churches these days have done pretty much everything in their power to dislodge Christians from their faith and detain sinners in a place of “No future hope.”

When the “Sinner” sees plain as day that the Righteous Christian has not prospered financially, spiritually and mentally; then grounds for questioning are in order.  When the “Christian” sees sins, ignorance and a general lack of love for the people from their pastor, they also see no reason for themselves to become a dedicated disciple of Christ.  Instead of the church being excited by Gods presence, as the preacher delivers the message of love, hope, and joy….many are now more excited when service concludes with an “Amen.”

There’s a lot of reasons why people get fed up with these things or others.  Some of these reasons are shallowly rooted with no real cause, but others got deep with merit.  People get fed up with their jobs, relationships, others attitudes towards them, financial situations and the list goes on.

One of the things that this list of “Fed up” includes, is unfortunately “With Church.”  Yes, initially it starts out with just one church, then it becomes all the local ones, and lastly, every church is the focal point of disgust.

I can’t say that “We’ve all been there,” because we haven’t.  But I can say that those of us who have “Been there,” we know what it’s like, and have our reasons as to why we feel as though the church as a whole has let us down.  Some have tried 2, 4, 6 of the churches in their area, only to find the same exact results across the board….”Fed up.”  It’s the same old money hungry pastors who control the people with fear tactics and twisted scriptures.

The worst of these pastors are the ones who are more diligent at seeking out the women in their church for themselves, more than they are God.

A lady goes to a church to get delivered, but doesn’t even want to come back after a month of attendance because she tires of the coolster pastor trying to flirt with her.  These are just some of the crazy things going on in churches that act as a major deterrent for Gods glory.

Sad that these same preachers will act as though nothing is even wrong with them or their tarnished ministry; as if a pastor committing adultery is no big deal.  Come on bishop, we can do better than that!

It’s like this fellow I worked with one time; he professed Christianity, but this man had the dirtiest, cursing, filthiest mouth that you’d even imagine.  He’d talk to his so called girl friend on his cell phone, while lusting after another walking by.

This man had nothing at all to say, if you couldn’t keep him talking about the job, his mind would always switch subjects to something sexual.  Very annoying and very immature…just like many a people who should be teaching and leading Gods flock through righteousness, prayer and fasting, but instead choose the path of Judas the sellout.

So how do we stop being “Fed up” with the way that our churches are headed?  What can we as a body of believers even hope for when our leaders fail to lead us in all truth?

Where do we go: when church after church lets down their standards:

  1. Bringing in praise dancing instead of praise meetings
  2. Twenty programs instead of twenty sanctified souls
  3. Forced offering instead of a free will offering?
We have indeed allowed our standards to go so low that not even the sinner cares to get saved.

I watched for years as people got worse off the more they attended church.  The devil wants you to be so fed up that not even a spiritual brother or sister in Christ can restore you.

I believe that it is okay to give up on those who have been given over to a reprobate mind if God takes them out of your heart (biblical), but don’t let it happen to you.  Being fed up with not being able to find a good church to worship is one thing, but it’s another to just “Stop” serving God completely.

Therefore, since we know what is good and how to do it, we shouldn’t find ourselves not doing so, bringing a possible greater damnation upon ourselves.  I won’t dare say that there is no hope for all of those who cause the rest of us to be “Fed up” with church.

But I will say that the majority of them are so far gone that their turning back could potentially mean turning into a spiritual pillar of salt.  My friend, running from man is one thing, but running from God is another….let me assure you, YOU WILL GET CAUGHT!

In the mean time, those of us who really do want to do something for God, but have run into these diverse manner of stumbling blocks….these are my words of encouragement:

  •  Put on the whole armor
  • Pray
  • Fast
  • Study to show yourself approved
  • Seek God first
  • Love not this world over heaven
  • Don’t quit
  • Wait on God
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