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There really are reasons pastors become bullies

Yes, its’ true, there are many reasons why pastors become bullies over the church. I want to name the two main reasons pastors become bullies that I’ve personally seen and experienced throughout my Christianity. Some of this may surprise you, but nonetheless they are common place in many a church.

Firstly, when someone says their pastor is a bully, what exactly does that mean? Obviously it has something to do with uncharacteristic traits of a Christian pastor. Because the bible clearly teaches us specific credentials and personalities of a bishop or deacon.

We’ve all heard the term “Bully pulpit,” which denoted the platform being used for more scolding and rebuke, than correction out of love. But just what is it in particular that makes a pastor so brash that it turns members away.

Neither as being lords over God’s heritage, but being ensamples to the flock.

1 Pet. 5:3

What is a bully pastor?

A bully pastor can be basically explained in one verse 1 Peter 5:3. God called us preachers to do just that, preach and teach and not rule as tyrants. I’m sure many of you who are dealing with bully pastors currently have already been told, “I do this cause I love you.” I guess they have an odd and unspiritual way of showing it. But we’ll talk about that a little later!

But the reality is that they bully you around because you allow them to. Not only this, but you encourage these practices when there left unchecked. If you find yourself under a bully pastor leadership, you need to know this. They feed off of submissive, confused and fearful (the manmade kind, not reverence) church members.

Should you choose to actually take a stand for righteousness, be prepared for a major backlash. Rest assure you will be told at some point in time that you are in fact the one who is wrong for “Putting your mouth on the pastor.” But please feel free to stop listening to religious nonsense at any time.

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Reason #1 Pastors become bullies is a lack of love/charity

If you can’t love the flock that God gave you as a pastor, then every member will just be a “Dumb sheep.” So in reality, if the pastor lacks love, then his whole ministry becomes just anther frustration of a job. When the man of gosh is frustrated, then everyone around him will likewise be frustrated.

A pastor without charity is like a fruit tree that never bears fruit in due season.

I’ve worked with so many pastors in the past who had no love for self, spouse, children but yet they claim to love Jesus. Note: A lack of love is always accompanied with a lack of compassion for the lost.

Reason #2 Pastors become bullies is a lack of spirituality

Spirituality should be a founding block in every pastor, but those who lose or never gain it to begin with, will lack insight (vision), wisdom and genuine care. I believe you’ve figured out by now that this translates into one big frustrated, carnally minded bully.

There literally is no way to compensate for a lack of spirituality. If God is not doing the guiding, then the pastor is a law unto himself…good luck on dealing with that. Being a pastor is challenging enough, but being one without a connection to God through prayer and supplication is going to be an equal handful of hate.

Note: A pastor without the Holy Ghost will see Gods work as nothing more than a pointless endeavor. The adverse affect of this will be either very little people in church or the pastor becoming covetous. I firmly believe that one of the main reasons for decayed spiritual growth lay with the leaders. More specifically, the pastor or bishop! So if your pastor always seems to be on edge, it’s because of his lack of love and spirituality.

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