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The ungodly are looking for examples 

If the righteous scarcely be saved then what does that say about our God? We know that there is nothing inadequate about the God we serve or the salvation/righteousness that he gives. Therefore, Christian, don’t allow your salvation to be scarce (insufficient, barely noticeable, unavailable on demand), because God is watching and furthermore, so are the sinners.

When it comes to being a Christian, our salvation is on display everywhere we go. Our Salvation is intended to stay active 24/7 and activated for the duration of ones life.  It is spiritually designed by a righteous God to shine bright without interruption.

And if the righteous scarcely be saved, where shall the ungodly and the sinner appear?

1 Peter 4:18

I think it’s safe to say that in this day and age, the sinner has every right to be confused and skeptical towards salvation. I mean, most probably figure already that they can do pretty much any and everything without being saved. So once in this state of mind, where shall they appear?

Stop The Foolishness

If all they have seen all of their lives is church people disputing doctrine, pastors begging for money and hypocritical family members, then what?   Many who profess Christ have shown very little resemblance when if comes to bearing the character of Christ. They have been less than stellar examples of Christian authenticity. 

Denial Prevention

The scarcely saved, self appointed righteous man or woman can cause the ungodly to remain in a state of denial.  Reason being, if they see the so called saint can’t even serve adequately….what then?  I firmly believe that there is no greater way for convincing than to “Live the life.” If the sinner doesn’t notice any worthwhile changes in our level of righteousness, they are left with no example. 

Click here to listen to: “Blessed are they which hunger”

Downtime is not an option  

In case you didn’t know, we are 100 % liable for being an example of the believer.  Our righteousness should prevail whether we are out in public or at home in  private.   And realistically, what we do in private (pray, read, fast), will be an automatic reflection out in public.

Life is going to happen, trials are going to come, but we must grow to become accustomed to them.  According to the word of God, Learning to have joy is still possible in the midst of the storm.   We do grow from such things, you know!  I’m saying this because there are times we may want to throw in the towel, but we just can’t do that.  

Paul said, “I die daily,” which was a reference to keeping the flesh under subjection. Therefore if we as the children of God uphold a righteous standard, it will demand sacrifice. Judgement must start with the people of God, so that repentance can start with the ungodly. But somewhere along the line we’ve allowed the world to integrate and teach otherwise. Either we got it and they want it or we don’t….

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