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Answer your call…not someone else’s

Positioning in the church or knowing your place in God is absolutely essential, but yet seems a thing of the past. Though it sounds easy enough, many will still allow someone else to convince them that they are called to be a…..fill in the blank. Meanwhile, others many not even answering their calling at all because their stuck in a “Church position.”

Even though many are called, there is the realization that out of the many, few are actually chosen. To further add a spiritual insult to the injury; of those who are actually called, few step into their “God given” roles. Many times this is because “They want what they want” and not “What God wants.” So did you really answer the call?

So many want to be a pastor or prophet, when in fact their not called to do either. But you can’t tell them that! So instead, they’d rather go on living a lie and reaping particular benefits (status, offerings, title, opportunities) that quite frankly do not belong to them. Don’t be confused about your positioning in the church!

Different callings

And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers; For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ.

Ephesians 4:11-16

One of the main problems that I see, is the structure and positioning of the leaders in the church. The Bible says that there would be “Pastors, teachers and the like for the perfecting of the saints.” So it’s very clear that the Lord uses various people in various ways. Not everyone is called to be a pastor and not everyone is even called to be a preacher. Is that a problem? With some it is, but not if you’re God.

I remember years ago in one of the churches I attended, that every brother wanted to be a preacher. But why! partly because we were all young and zealous and partly because we just didn’t want to be the odd ball brother with “No calling.” And it’s not that it was a bad idea….unless it wasn’t in Gods will to begin with

Vacancy in the body

So many opportunities in Gods church stay vacant and grow void because no one wants to fill them. The younger sisters are left to fend for themselves because the elder sisters are leaving the church. And those who do stay aren’t even able to help the younger since the pastor won’t let them because he desires to orchestrate everything himself. This is so silly and a waste of my, your and Gods time for Christian people to be acting like this.

So now we’ve got all these twenty five year olds running around in every major city trying to tell someone about Jesus. That’s great and all, but how many were successful is my question. Well, seeing them back at Bible College after just several months out on their field of duty really left me wondering what didn’t happened with them.

It was like after every conference (and we had 2 per year) that several people would come in with the high tide and be washed up on the beach. And it’s no wonder given their lack of experience and thinking that pastoring was going to be a drop in the bucket.

Most of these men were fresh out of high school when they joined the military and after a 3-4 year enlistment it was off to bible school. 2 1/2 – 3 years later….A pastor? Not to say it can’t happen and still be of God, but I highly doubt that 3 out of every 5 brothers is called to be a pastor, especially when 2 of them throw in the towel after less than a year in the ministry. Yes, that pretty much summed up the junk that was going on back when I was young and quite the bit more naïve.

The following is just a bit of a typical hierarchy pertaining to Christian growth in the church. None of this is set in stone because God can use a chicken to preach, a donkey to talk and children to rule grown men. But ideally, this somewhat sums up to a degree what is expected from you and your spiritual age group.

Some may also be in between groups as they progress in spiritual growth. Also note that this doesn’t necessarily go by age as a default, but by spirituality, knowledge and understanding. What makes a seasoned pastor is one who has been through some things in his day; things that cause him to grow and develop into a true man of God.

If Christians were put into particular skill levels, their traits and characteristics would look something like the following: Note: this is not all inclusive, just a general idea of Christian growth. The gist is that as we live for Christ, we should also have particulars that accompany that maturity.

Beginner level Christianity (new church member) (listens, learns and grows)

  1. “Milk” stage of spiritual aptitude.
  2. Does not know the voice of God.
  3. Often waivers in faith due to inexperience.
  4. Reads bible (possibly for first time ever) to get a better understanding of their new found Christianity.
  5. New to prayer (begins to understand the importance of it).

Intermediate level Christianity (established member) (listens, learns, established, understanding, able to expound, has become an example)

  1. “Milk stage” transitioned into the “Meat” stage of spiritual aptitude.
  2. The voice of God is becoming more real.
  3. Growing faith in God, self and others had become more pronounced.
  4. Learn scriptures/Quotes scripture.
  5. Soul winning (learns how to work with people who come to church) (prayer, some bible passages, shares testimony).

Advanced level Christianity (clergy/teacher/elder member) (Preaches/ teaches & leads by example, pillar in the church, longevity, rightly divides the scriptures)

  1. “Meat” stage.
  2. Apt to teach.
  3. Faith in God is steadfast and unwavering.
  4. Understands the voice of God most clearly.
  5. Prayer life firmly established.

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