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I’m following Jesus!

Here these men are out fishing making a living, but along comes Jesus. He gives simple instructions: Follow me and I will make you fishers of men. And just like that, their business now becomes the “Fathers” business.

Nothing wrong with their fishing business and all, but it made them a status quo normal every day people of a society. It wasn’t until Jesus went to them with an ultimatum that would change their lives for literally an eternity. How willing are we to change for Jesus?

John the Baptist had already declared that this Jesus was indeed the messiah that they were waiting to come. And men and women from all around the area had been baptized by John but now these fisher men were about to experience someone and something quite different.

Being a disciple of John the Baptist was one thing, but a disciple for Jesus was a whole different calling. They would literally walk, sup and be taught by God himself how to be efficient soul winners.

Straightway they left their nets

The Bible says that they “Straightway left their nets,” which denotes zero hesitation. I truly do admonish their quick reaction for an invitation into the supernatural. Inevitably, Jesus was about to make them into top notch soul winners (fishers of men), but we can all take something from their initial response.

The bible later mentions them as “Foolish and unlearned” fishermen….well apparently not. They most certainty weren’t fully understanding of everything Jesus did initially, but it seems to me that they were “Fools” for Jesus.

Jesus used a term that these fishermen were very familiar with. “Fishers of men” was a simple concept to understand. Christ knows how to relate to us through the scriptures, the preacher and prayer.

One can easily miss the importance of that which Jesus was implying when he told the disciples “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” it most certainly meant more than travel with him by foot. The instructional statement in a nut shell made by Christ was twofold.

And he saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men. And they straightway left their nets, and followed him.

Matthew 4:19-20

Follow me

Christ seemingly came our of nowhere to a bunch of nobodies and made them somebodies. Isn’t it awesome how that God can get us to the place where we are doing something that really counts for eternity. Note: Following Christ is still the single best decision that anyone can ever make in their life. To follow Christ that day meant that the fishermen, (turned disciples) would have to literally make an on the spot decision. There’s a song verse that says, “Savior, do not pass me by,” and that’s exactly what I don’t want to happen.

Make you

After one follows Christ, there’s no reason to think that you will stay the same. He is going to make you into something (useable vessel) for his glory. There can be no doubt, question, marveling about it, Jesus “Will make you” a fisher of men. But I really don’t know too many people who would pass on the opportunity to work hand in hand with Christ when given the opportunity.

Although there are many who denied Jesus as the messiah and couldn’t get past the fact that he was the “Carpenters son” they grew up knowing. There was still a great deal of people willing to be made into fishers of men. This was not merely proven by just the 12 disciples alone, but so many others who opened their hearts and homes to receive the word throughout the surrounding cities.

Don’t Miss out

The third option, which was not spoken verbally buy Christ, but nonetheless was quite evident. The disciples could have just simply went back to fishing with disinterest and missed out on the greatest opportunity ever.

The scriptures clearly tell us that this was not the case for them…..but what about you? Will you follow Jesus without hesitation and doubt in spite what others may say? This should really make us think as Christians; how many times did we miss out on the very blessing of God cause we dragged our feet, when asked to follow. Can our prayer today be, “Lord make me a fisher of men.”

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