Well brothers and sisters, this could quite possibly be exactly what I’ve been looking for in terms of telling people about what I do here.  My wife actually heard about this “Periscope” from a preacher she was listening to online.  I checked into it and saw great potential for doing a little teaching and sharing of my own.  Therefore, I will Be giving this a try for about a month or so to see if it’s a good fit (or not) in conjunction with the web site.  I will be pretty much keeping my personal and preferred style of teaching, which is; more like an “Off the cuff” and in the moment, versus constantly quoting scriptures and a turning pages in the bible (I work better that way).  I’m not really looking to do Q&A unless there’s a specified day where I’ll perhaps just open it up.  But in all of that, we’ll just have to wait and see how it goes.   Please come prayerful and ready to receive what God has for you.

I’ve decided to record all of my sessions in audio form for those who were unable to catch it live. The quality is not going to be the best, but It will definitely be available to anyone who wants to listen.  I highly encourage listening live because when you establish a list of followers of your own, you can invite all of them at once to the live recording.  As always, enjoy and thank you all for your support both spiritually and financially.  God bless!

Note: Periscope is a phone ap that must be first downloaded.  It’s real simple and it’s FREE.  Also, be sure to add me to your “Followers” list because any time I go on live, you will get a notification.  I will leave each video up indefinitely for those who missed it live and want to go back and see.  Thanks for tuning in.