HI, my name is Reverend P.A. Bowers. I have been married to my beautiful, talented, and God loving/fearing wife for over twenty years.  A little bit about my church background: I first started out with New Testament Christian Churches (NTCC ), which is based out of Graham, Washington. I stayed with them for a total of thirteen years. I got saved, went to Bible College, and entered the ministry while I was there.  After a nasty church split, and finding out that my name was on a “Black list,” and I’m not talking about a document with just the names of black brothers exclusively; but a list which stated my disfellowship status because of my association with the local pastor (who had been planning in secret to cut ties and go to HOPCC). With the news that I was no longer wanted or accepted in their organization, I reluctantly decided to attend House of Prayer Christian Church (HOPCC) (or Assembly of Prayer in some places), to further my ministry. Only later to find out some horrible information pertaining to their part in the split. This church is currently based out of Hinesville, Georgia and is the offshoot of NTCC.
I started my walk with God back in January 1993 with NTCC. Previous to this date, I only knew about Christ and salvation, but not in a reality. I grew up in various places due to my dad being in the military and later when my parents divorced, causing us to live with various relatives and friends.

I used to attend a small youth group called Teen Haven when we settled in Lancaster Pennsylvania, and this was my initial contact with Christ. I was about twelve or thirteen at the time and about the only thing that interested me about the youth group was the fact that we had some kind of activity followed by a snack/candy after the bible study.
Once a year, Teen Haven had a camp that was available for faithful teens to attend; it was something that I grew to look forward to. We always had so much fun there, not to mention lots of food. As you can tell by my desire for “Free food,” that things weren’t so great back on the ranch. Yeah, I was pretty much an impoverished, wondering nomad with absolutely zero guidance in my life at the time.

Well, I did like going to camp, especially since it was free. They had a point system which consisted of bible verse memorization, can recycling, and attendance. At the end of a certain period, those who had the most points were permitted to attend summer camp for free. You guessed it! I got to go free every year. I did learn some scriptures and I even prayed for salvation (though I didn’t live it). Anyhow, little did I know, this experience was a major pivotal point in my life which crated the foundation for a seed of true repentance to be germinated not too far in my near future.
But there is something I feel the need to add right here: Not to long ago I learned from a youth minister attending the organization, that one of the main counselors/pastors at Teen Haven was killed in a vehicle accident. I also learned that at the time he had totally left off from serving God even after much pleading from his friend and fellow minister. If you want to talk about a broken heart and sorrow; that hit home. I was immediately saddened to hear such things. Not fully because he had passed away, but that he wasn’t even serving God at the time. I know he must have given at least a good fifteen to twenty years of his life to help the local youth, and to end it all like this….Why? I never even got a chance to say “Thank you” to him for all of his dedication and perseverance to the call. Fact: you may never know the lives that you influence and reach if you give up on yourself and God.

After high school graduation, I found my seventeen year old self with no job, guidance, money, or future. I for one was not about to end up with kids that I couldn’t take care of, selling, and doing drugs (as was seemingly customary of many teens during that time). I found myself enlisting in the U.S. Army, and as I would soon find out, the Lord’s army also. Please read “My Testimony” to get the full story leading up to my salvation.

At the end of my three year enlistment, I exited the military and continued onward to Bible College.  After attending for a few years, my wife and I graduated, eventually moving onward to San Diego, California to take up the role of “Worker” at the local church; and work we did. So here we are, quite a bit more years down the road, but we are still serving the Lord. Disowned for a second time from a would be church, but still trusting in God, and doing everything that I can possibly do to move forward. And that is one of the things this site is about; “Moving on” in your endeavors and bettering yourself both mentally and spiritually. Even after the many years of lies, competition, and awkwardness, we still have to follow God. The way that I see it; if my wife and I can do it, then anyone can. We must continue to trust in the Lord with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength.