Please understand that when I write these articles, most of it may be foreign to a new Christian and or someone who has never been through these various events in their own personal life.  If you have never been through a similar situation, it may seem unlikely and even far fetched at times.  Believe me the things that I speak about are from my personal experiences and churches that I have attended. 

These writings serve many purposes, one of which is to inform you the reader of the consequences of your actions.  There is a law of sowing and reaping even though some seem to think their wicked ways will never catch up to them.   I am declaring that your sins have officially found you out, and I will personally debunk the lies that churches teach and all the wile keeping Gods people afraid, depressed, shamed and scattered abroad.

Also I want to do what I can to prevent these same evils from grinding others into powder and scattering them across the seas.  Indeed this is a wake up call for pastors and members alike; pastors need to get back to doing right, and members need to leave them “Right” where they are if they are treating them like the devil would his personal slave.  I will many times refer to “We,” meaning us fellow Christians who had the unfortunate daunting task of being beat down (in the name of Jesus) by the church.  I think that you will understand my writing preference/style a little better after reading a few of the articles.

Lastly, I’m doing this to let my fellow brothers and sisters know that you still have a voice in me.  This list also includes those who left the ministry in an untimely manner (and there’s way too many to count).  Even though some slightly rebounded and found other churches to attend, I believe the scars will last a life time.  Christians are going to get battle wounds, but not like this. 

Not just anyone will tell you these things that you read here, but I will, because God is not pleased with the spiritual mortality rate of his beloved children.   Just way too many have turned by the way side and thrown in the white towel of surrender.  I’m just letting you know that whoever you are (and there are many who I believe “Went through it” that weren’t affiliated with either of the churches I went to) you’re not crazy and you’re not the only one who has faced heresies in their perspective church.  Yes! it’s real people.  Yes! There really are churches that do the things that I’m writing about.  It’s time to WAKE UP!


Breathing Threatenings:  WARNING – Highly disturbing content ahead…..Now this is some crazy stuff here.  I was looking for some old pics in my email, and no and behold what I found deleted.  I originally didn’t want this on the site at all, but here it is anyway.  So get this, the church had one of the preachers send me several fake emails pretending that they were Vets who lived in PA (where I resided at the time).  They used everything all at once from their arsenal; I’ll be judged, hurting people, I lie, oh, and they got me “Surrounded.”

Pack Your Bags:  An eye opening article that expresses the ways of cult-like actions in the “Church” (or so called).

The hypnotic effect: Many times things aren’t as they seem in a church, and people aren’t who they appear to be.  Sometimes we end up doing and seeing things in the wrong light.  But we make the biggest mistake by never confronting and correcting it because we are….well….hypnotized in a trance of religious, man made doctrine that inevitably concludes at a dead end called “Separation from God.”  Unless of course, you snap out of it.

Church hurt: Everyone who has gone through the experience of a church/pastor scarring them, has their own personal interpretation of what happened.  Most, I would say associate their experience with the words, “Church hurt.”  A pain that comes specifically form an unanticipated event or series of events that took place in the house of what should be “God.”  It even causes some to not only leave the church, but also God for good.  Well, one thing is for sure, we can’t draw back no matter how bad it was.  And even if we have difficulty understanding “Why it happened,” make no mistake, “It did happen,” but now we can talk about it to help others.

How do you spell Joy? Most church going people would quickly say, “Jesus, others, yourself,” but I’m not entirely convinced that’s true.  Jesus we know, but could it be there’s too much of “Others” and not enough of “Yourself” at times?  Are we actually putting too much effort on, and stakes in, trying to appease everyone but God? Maybe this “Joy” formula really does work, or maybe there’s too many “Others” in between “Jesus” and “Yourself.”  You be the judge!

Doctrinal Despair: Churches these days are more at odds with one another over “Doctrinal statements” than they are with “Living right.”  I know we can’t help ourselves, always trying to be better than someone else by outdoing them in words and deeds.  In all of our smarts I think we just “Educate” God right out the church sometimes.  Well today you get to learn why your doctrine is “Wrong” as well as confusing.  All I have to say is, all of this has really got me confused, or at least it used to until I personally found out about a well hidden truth that God showed me.  And now, I get to show you!

30 signs of a holiLess church:  Many churches want to call themselves “A movement of God” but the truth of the matter is that the only movement that they’ve had in the last several years is “Away from God.”  I don’t understand why these pastors don’t just go and find another profession where they can beat and cheat people out of their money and livelihood.  Why do they keep messing with Gods people?  Anyway, this article covers some warning sign to those who may fear they are in the wrong place of worship.   Take heed on this one brothers and sister.  I know for me, I had to stop acting as if I owed the rest of my life to someone other than God.

Positioning in the church: Know your place in God and the church.  Though it sounds easy enough, many will still allow someone else to convince them that they are called to be a preacher, when in fact their not called at all.   Besides, if everyone wants to go to bible college just so they can become a pastor, then someone needs to learn a few things about the ministry because it’ s never that cut and dry.

Shoe shine king: And just when you thought it was hard to make it in the business world.  The right suit, shoes, matching socks, perfect haircut, and attitude for the job….Oh! Wait, that’s the church world these days.  Some pastors want their members to play the part of a business man, even when it’s not their “Business” telling them to. Well, maybe it’s working for you, but It only proved to ultimately bring me grief and confusion.  Now I’m not implying as a Christian we are free to dress in an unbecoming manner (showing body parts better left unseen), but this also means over dressing and wanting to be seen of man.

Lukewarm: If you want Gods disapproval on your life, then just stay right in the middle of “Cold” and “Hot” Yes, I realize that the bible states that the church in the book of Revelation was lukewarm, but how about modern day Christians? We face a lot of things in our life already and that’s being a sinner or a saint; some of the things are cut and dry while others are a little more complicated. I’ve realized throughout the years that some things just aren’t as they seem to be, and being lukewarm is one of them. This is not an everyday topic for many, but it deserves some clarification anyway. Just what makes a person of a “Lukewarm” nature? Or more specifically, what makes a modern day “Christian” resort to being this way? The reasons may surprise you!

Satan not Satin: Don’t be fooled into thinking that anyone one of us is exempt from sin.  No, it doesn’t even matter if others are to blame for the particulars because ultimately we have to make it to heaven.   The devil has seemingly thrown everything in his book at us, but we must be overcomers by the blood of Jesus.  There is no reason to ever give up serving God…this my friend is a massive lie of Satan.