Author: <span class="vcard">Rev. Bowers</span>

Unstopping the wells

Unstopping the wells Genesis 26:12-22 Clearly this man Isaac was well favored by God (in spite of his little courtship shenanigans), and it showed so much that it made others JEALOUS of him.  Their actions towards him show us how evil such an attitude of jealousy really is.  It can cause even your peers to…

Think on these things….I don’t think so!

Think on these things….I don’t think so!   I believe that we as Christians spend way too much time fretting and fearing on “What shall be tomorrow,” instead of just keeping our “Hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” We must be thoroughly convinced that Jesus is the answer for the world today, but also, just…

Do Christians even care anymore about Heaven?

I often wonder about Christianity as a whole; will it be around in say 20-30 years?  And if so, what will be the primary focus and stance that the church will take on the various sins that even now we so easily dismiss.  We wonder why it’s become so easy to penetrate Gods church with…

Miracles in the Bible

There are so many miracles that take place in the Bible. If you could be there live and in person right now, which would you like to have seen the most?

The basis of Christianity

The bible speaks a lot about love, faith and hope, which I believe are the basis of our Christianity.  What three words would you use?

What’s your favorite verse in the Bible?

The bible contains so many wonderful scriptures and it’s nearly impossible to have just one favorite verse.  But if you had to choose just ONE! Which would it be? Decisions, decisions!