A lot of the material you will hear on the “Bible study” recordings will consist of a particular word and its definition/discussion, or a particular topic in the bible.  For the most part I wont be taking the bible and breaking down the different books, nor will I spend exclusive time on the characters of the bible.  For recordings other than what I would call a true bible study, the topics will greatly vary from week to week.   Please note: the newest recordings will always be placed at the top of the list to avoid having to search the whole directory.

I firmly believe that the failure in many of our churches today consists of a lack of knowledge (to understand the scriptures) a lack of wisdom (to apply the scriptures) and a lack of enthusiasm (to live the scriptures).  I also believe that people who seek after God, will be rewarded from God.  There are a lot of saints who just wish they knew how to get into the presence of God and let the power flow without being fake or forced…just “Free.”

I also believe that most people who attend church have no idea how to even: #1 Pray  #2 Serve God   #3 Grow spiritually  #4 Know what’s expected of them in order to please God   #5 know what’s expected of them as a church member.  #6 Lastly, I wholeheartedly believe that most have lost their faith in God, church, pastors and I “Don’t” wonder why. 

I said that to say this; I will use simplicity as much as I can in these studies, because if you don’t understand the basics, how can you even think about excelling as a Christian:  If we can’t understand the basic essentials of our religion (Christianity) then where shall the sinner and ungodly appear?  If we struggle with trying to grasp what plainly makes sense, then where is our hope?  If you’re the type who likes to ask? “What does this word mean?” Then you’re going to enjoy these bible studies because that’s exactly what we will be discussing here.

I do believe that this scripture just about sums up everything 1 Corinthians 3:

We as Christians have forgotten:  How to be spiritual (ver 2-3).   Who are are (of) (ver 4).   Our place in the body of believers (ver 6).   What God does for his people (ver 7).    Who’s accountable (ver 8).    Who we work for (ver 9).   That God lives in us (ver 16-17) ….unless we chase him away.