Pastor Pharaoh: is a powerful, witty, and yet sober book, based on the true story of a Christian preacher who finds himself wrongly accused of alleged sins that he committed; and as a result he is excommunicated from the church organization.

The author goes deep into what took place in his life, and correlates those events with what took place back in Egypt; when the Hebrew citizens (Gods people) were forced into slavery and then delivered. Pastor Pharaoh brings to light the true heart of the pastors he was facing, and what you as a believer may also be facing and struggling with.

Pastor Pharaoh blends a combination of two characters: The first, a Pharaoh of the past which was spoken of in the Old Testament in the Bible. And the second, a modern day pastor who patterns his whole ministry after, you guessed it, Pharaoh-like mannerism.

Pastor-Pharaoh is a man unlike any other, and will employ church magicians, lies, twisted scriptures and scare tactics to further promote his own personal agenda. As the book progresses, you will begin to see the similarities between these two men, and its mind boggling, especially when you’ve seen it in action for yourself. Click Here!

“A Good Thing” is a book titled from the scripture, Prov. 18:22 “Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the Lord.”  The author’s 20 plus years of ministry/marriage, both biblical and practical perspectives and applies it to an everyday marriage life.

So many have no idea as to what they have been missing out on all of this time.  Marital bliss is for every marriage, none to be excluded.  Lets be honest, no one ever wants to say that their marriage is on the rocks; especially a Christian. The biggest reason why most Christian marriages are doomed for failure from the start is because neither the husband nor the wife knows their place.

Many have a wife, but few have any idea who she really is and what she can become. Most wives have no idea as to even the slightest way to become a good wife to their husband. It’s not that they don’t want to, they just don’t know how. Most husbands are just as clueless as to what is expected of them as a leader, spiritual head and provider for the family.

This book will help you to discover and uncover the failures which have plagued marriages for years. After reading such a book, don’t expect to be the same, in any way. This book is for every man or woman trying to keep their marriage intact.  Click Here!

“Life Of A Leper” is a short poem-story that deeply expresses the heart, mind and soul of a Leprous man.

A man who has been forsaken by family, friends, and seemingly, even God.  Truly this is a God inspired masterpiece that allows you the reader to feel the emotional struggle within the author, as he tries communicate how he himself feels after being forsaken.  This poem will bring both tears to your eyes, and relief to your soul, as it stirs your inner most emotions. Click Here!