Garden of Eatin



Who can not be excited about seeing a little dried up seed that when planted, grows into something edible and nourishing.  Not only that, the food that we grow is so much more superior in every way that that of store brought varieties.  If you have some land that you’re not using, I encourage you to do a little research and experimentation on gardening.  The taste of a salad fresh out the garden just can’t be beat.  The odors of the fresh strawberries, melons, lettuce, onions, is just so wonderful to experience and so even after all the set backs, it so worth it.

It’s been a long road for us when it comes to many things, and gardening is no exception.  My wife and I have been working with our gardens for some time now.  Unfortunately since we don’t yet own a house, we have to just make due with what is present.  We just moved (again) several months ago because the owner wanted more money than we could afford and this, that and the other.  But we had intended to stay there for another year or possibly two, however it just didn’t work that way. It was a sad sight to see the waste of all my watermelons on the vine that I had to pull up and dispose of.   And the cucumbers only needed a few more weeks to get to full size.

We were really bummed out because everything was in full production mode and the fruit of our labors was finally coming to pass.   We had to salvage what we could, but the reality was that we were going to have to start over.  For those who love to garden, there is an understanding that certain plants grow and produce fruit the following year, so we pretty much wasted a whole years of work for some of the crops.   Nonetheless, we were able to find an adept location that was close to my new job and had many of the gardening features/terrain already available.  Our new residence already has a raised bed with dirt in the back yard, not to mention an all out great set up for what had envisioned for our next garden.


These pics are the initial ground renovation/preparation.  We had to rake up a bunch of leafs, put the raise beds together, purchase and lay the soil, and till the ground.  Yes, it’s a lot of preparation, but you got to do what you got to do if you want a garden.  The one bed in these pics that is already full of dirt is the one that was here when we arrived.  We initially went with another brand of soil, but the store ran out and we couldn’t find it anywhere else.  The stuff we got had some pretty good reviews and it was reasonably priced (with the help of a trusty coupon of course).  Well, it took a few days to get everything put together and planted, at this point in time we have absolutely no idea as to what will and wont grow.  Hopefully, if all goes well, the purchased soil will prove to work well with what we’re planting.  We are also using a lot of the preexisting soil (just tilling and adding a mixture).  Click Here To View Files:


Well, it looks as though there wont be much of a harvest if this keeps up.  The peas were a total disaster, all of the plants died.  The Green beans were growing really good, but then we noticed they also began dying off.  Oddly enough we noticed a great number of mushrooms in our garden (never had that problem before), which tells me that something is going on with the soil.  It was like some kind of fungus killed off all the plants, so we began to replant the beans to try and see what went wrong.  The cucumbers are all growing well, but some of those have also began to die off.  As for the watermelons…not much hope in that stock either.  It’s looking to be a harvest-less season.  Again, this really stinks because everything was growing so well before we had to up and more across town. I did repot the strawberries which took to the ground very well after a few weeks.  The lettuce all seems to be growing excellent, along with the carrots and other herbs. Only time will tell… PICS COMING SOON!