Six long years after my wife and I were kick out, the seed we planted through this website has finally grown and ex-HOPCC/Assembly of prayer church members are showing and proving what was being said all along….ITS A CULT!  People are getting sick and tired of being victims of this destructive, Christian destroying, life sucking, mind manipulating nightmare. There can be no denying (In spite of HOPCC members claiming that we are just causing trouble, being stupid and that there’s absolutely nothing at all wrong with this so called holiness church) that this is a matter of fact. Their cult leader, Ron Denis (the man pictured above losings his cool), who has no shame in taking the role of a self proclaimed forth member of the God head, was completely unprepared for this home front invasion.  These men and women have made what I call a stand for righteousness and IT’S ABOUT TIME someone stand face to face against such wickedness.  In spite of Ron Denis instructing the bothers to bring out a literal pile of manure, he also had them bring out speakers to play loud music to deter the protesters…it didn’t work.

Lets set the record straight, this is NOT a religious persecution designed to attack righteousness, on the contrary, but a stand against the secret life of lies that this man lives, with NO SHAME.   We have pointed out their waywardness for years, but I have to tell you, unfortunately, very little of what we said was taken to heart.  But also like I said, things change when its YOU! I can fully understand the sister crying for her son to leave that cult and yet, this Ron Denis calls for and sends for him to keep begging her to shut up and stop protesting. Who will be a voice? This whole thing I believe can be summed up in one word, HURTFUL!

I thank you all for making a stand, but I only hope it’s not a little too late.  HOPCC now has local officials in their pockets, all of the pastors at the local churches have been alarmingly and rapidly replaced with younger, easier manipulated, but inexperienced pastors.  All this tells me is that Denis now has a contingent “Get away plan” when everything goes South.

These are the facts about Ron Denis: #1 Ron Denis has a concubine living in the same house with his wife and child.  #2 hides that fact that he is a multimillionaire (worth well over 200M).  #3 secretly owns a vacation home in Florida (with several Roles Royce’s in the garage).  #4 Has custody of several church members young children (what’s he doing with them? I’m just wondering).  #5  Kicks out members and says they left cause they didn’t want God.  #6 Says the members who left on purpose, he kicked out…confusing, I know!  #7 Lies and says anyone can leave hotel Hinesville anytime they want to (except for those he chases down, I mean chastens).  #8 Uses an unprecedented amount of prayer meetings and church services to keep the sheep busy doing what they deem as the work of God but is nothing more than “Busy work” that only aids in the members being super spiritual partakers of another mans sins.  If you think these allegations are ridiculous and unmerited, then I guess I’m the one who needs help!  Perhaps I just need to beg the forgiveness of Denis and Pilkington for kicking me out i the first place?!?!? EXACTLY!  Who in their right mind would say that this is not a CULT?  I agree, those who are not in their right mind!





NOTE: Please know that this section is specifically published for those who are familiar with this church and its practices, as I would only expect a current or previous member to fully understand everything that is on this particular page.  Though I have made this available for anyone, I just wanted to make that fully clear because most wont believe what takes place in HOPCC UNLESS YOU WERE A PART OF IT. With that said, please continue if you so desire….

After listening to some of the audio from the old site that I wanted to incorporate, I realized that there’s so much that needs to be on here it’s just ridiculous.  My dilemma is that I wanted to completely discontinue from writing about HOPCC / Assembly of Prayer, but after several months of doing so, I realize that it’s literally impossible to not mention it at all; It just comes with the territory. Don’t expect an outright reprisal of the old “HOPCC / Assembly of Prayer exposed” site, but do expect a fair amount of the articles and audio recordings to make a come back on this site.

I’m going to be giving this section of the web site a trial run to see where it goes and what it evolves into.  But one thing that I do know for certain, is that this site will surely continue to cater more towards the topics of church hurt, healing, biblical understanding, cults, excommunication, and separating Christian “Fact” from man made “Fiction.”

After realizing that I already have material that pertains to my subject matter at hand, I also began to see just how crucial that it was to this site. Essentially, everything that I put in this section ties into exactly what I’m doing with the rest of the site.  Please understand that it is not my intention to recreate everything that was done in times past, but I will be adding some of the more crucial articles, books and audio recordings that I feel go hand and hand with my ultimate purpose, which is to “Liberate the oppressed” by means of showing how churches have erred and “Denied the power” of God and his word.

Every and anything that was written or recorded exclusively for the purpose to solely exposing HOPCC / Assembly of Prayer directly will be in this section ONLY.  I believe that after hearing and reading what’s on here you will have to agree that it should have been on this site already.  However, my intentions are no longer directly associated with HOPCC / Assembly of Prayer and its pastors, but at the corrupt church world in general. But in saying all of this, I’m not soon to forget that the origins of this site, and my conversational piece all stem from none other than my past experiences with this disorganization.  Therefore, I vote that we keep them exposed in the light that their struggling to no avail to hide from.  Get it, Got it, Good.  -And yes, I am still ashamed of YOU!




NOTE: The titles and content will remain unchanged from the previous publishing.  Therefore if you remember any of these from the old site, they are the exact same thing as before.  However, don’t let that stop you from rereading or listening to any of it.   Also, I will NOT be writing any new content concerning HOPCC / Assembly of Prayer directly, but even so, I’m sure that the archives that I do submit on here will be a good enough reminder to many of us.  God bless, and pray for this very young site and work in progress, as I endeavor to follow inspiration from my past experiences.




Remember these articles and recordings?  Well I know that I sure do.  They caused quite a stir when they were up on my old sight.   But just in case people forgot about the evil things that go on daily in HOPCC / Assembly of Prayer, I will be their reminder through these articles and recordings of old.  Now you can re-read and listen to them all, right here, right now!  But realistically, all of these articles stayed available on the internet cache even when the site was taken down.  But why make you search for them, when you can just come to one place to get the original content?

 Click on any article you want to read:  Perlous Times  – The irony of it all – The Phone Call – Secret service phone tapGet your story straight – Parental guidance suggested Bible seminary hoaxChurch Kick Out A lesson in giving –  Markows houseFun in the sun –







So much for changing your number, now you’ve got to get rid of your phone all together!

bible1SIR-150x150These are all special recordings that I have been saving for such a time as this.  These are not actors, or impersonators, but real people who were members at HOPCC.  These recordings have been made out of necessity and the need for proof to debunk that these conversations never took place.

You will notice that even though these are several different conversations, with several different pastors, all of them have the same abrasive approach. This is a reoccurring event with these super spiritual, Pharisaical, disconcerted pastors.  Please don’t pray for me anymore either; you could see my wife playing the piano, but you couldn’t see me preaching.  Wow, now you want to see someone in a vision and lift them up in prayer after correlated kicking us out and leaving us with nothing but our names….nonsense, I beg of you, please repent!  All these pastors do is lie and tell the members that they love them….oh really?

As you listen to these audio recordings, I want you to pay close attention to both the questions that these pestors are asking and the replies from the remembers. Also, please take note of the duration of silence and elusiveness after these questions which demand an answer of these pastors are asked.  I recommend that you listen with headphones so that you don’t miss any of what is being said. Also take note of the stress laughs that plainly say, “You got me, you’re not supposed to ask that question.”  I wholeheartedly believe that after listening to these secretly recorded conversations that you will realize what myself and others have been saying all along is “The truth.”bible1HELL

The responses of these pastors are game show worthy; “What are you talking about?” What are you doing? Let play the game of, “I’m going to play stupid!”  I’ve got to tell you, this kind of evasiveness from a so called pastor just boils my blood..…just answer the questions already! As you listen, you’ll notice how Pilkington never gets around to explaining what happened to the Bowers, but he did say there were some things done that shouldn’t have been done…..Hmmm! Well I wrote a whole website about “Those things.”  They already went around lying to all the members that were there, so why try to be all discrete about it now?  Oh I know, because now someone wants to leave the church and you have to be very careful with how you say things.bible1OBEY-150x150

These pastors constantly persuade members (that want to leave) to stay by making them feel bad and inadequate after being compared to the Bible. This would be a fitting motto; “Greet they brother with a holy fist, cut them with the word, and beat them with their own past failures and shortcomings.”  Even though they insist that it’s okay for any of their members to up and leave at their own discretion, these conversations prove quite the opposite.

Bercini calls the brother…we pretty much everything but a brother and the general feeling I get from him is disgust, not love towards him and his wrote off wife.  No one is “Free” from or free to do anything without their pastors permission and he definitely won’t be permitting them to leave their “Home.” Come back home Pilkington…oh, I guess Hinesville you’re your new home.  Speaking of, how is it right for a pastor to up and leave a church after ten plus years and not tell any of the members?  Oh now I’m starting to understand, just the pastors can leave without repercussion and only they have the right to not be transparent.

Notice how he never discussed why he left, but ironically, the day he snuck off in his moving truck, the same brother who he’s having a recorded conversation with, was there.  He told the brother, “What you see, you don’t really see.”  In other words, don’t tell anyone that we’re sneaking away in the middle of the day when all of the members are off doing something else.  Let a brother pull up to their home with a U-Haul truck in the middle of the day and see what happens.

bible1NOTLISTENING-150x150Mat. 18:12 How think ye? if a man have an hundred sheep, and one of them be gone astray, doth he not leave the ninety and nine, and goeth into the mountains, and seeketh that which is gone astray?  In HOPCC the one who goes astray does this because he or she is chased away by their pastor.  The member doesn’t leave because they don’t want God, they leave because they feel unwelcomed and unwanted.  Use you for your wool AKA tithe, VA, offering, back pay and rents collected, all to create a massive flow of income opportunities for themselves….no wait, I forgot, their “Not a money church.”  “YOU UNDERSTAND?”


There’s a few things I’d like to point out as you listen to these next conversations and remember, these things came out of his mouth, not mine, not the brothers, there is no impersonation here.  The man says repeatedly that he don’t “Forgive” and what…..you’re not listening!….or “Forget.” He point blank told the brother that he will NEVER forgive him for what he said about his “Buck teeth.” And yet I’m the one they constantly lie about holding a grudge and being bitter.  Well, I guess if keeping this web site up and adding these audio clips means I’m holding a grudge, then so be it.  You’ll thank me later! I’m “Better, not bitter,” get it right! And I choose God over YOU! This man holds grudges, but will be the first to call someone “Bitter and disobedient.”

For all of you who hold the notion that “God” told you to just up and move your whole life to a new city for no apparent reason…I’m sorry but it’s a false one.  Denis clearly shows where this idea comes from when he tells the brother that he will relocate him to another city.  So, this tactic of moving church members has to do with two things; #1 money (people for his rental properties) #2 his version of punishment.  But sometimes it could be both!  So for all of you who insist that it is the “Lord’s will” for you to keep on moving from state to state, is a lie of the devil. In the other recording, he says he made  everything possible, as he glorifies himself, boasting with “PRIDE” of his accomplishments…or did I miss the part where he glorifies God for what he has done.  Yes, “PRIDE” that thing he always accuses you of.  Man of God indeed, more like “Lucifer.”  How do you go from a so called holiness preacher to a full blown cult leader, this is horrible and not to be taken lightly due to the amount of souls at stake. Crazy or corrupt, it’s all the same!

Now who in their right mind can rebuke someone right in the middle of a business meeting?  Denis is the self-appointed apostle over the whole entire world (in his mind), but only HOPCC members are the only ones dumb enough to listen.  I am was one of them and so are was you! Listen how he first states the $25 rent increase and then he goes up to $50 in one conversation.   I keep telling you all, stop giving this man your hard earned money.

Notice all these pastors use the same lingo; “And you know that” This is a catch phrase meant to get you double guessing yourself.  “You understand” This phrase is used as a tactic of belittling and procuring a dominance status over the brethren.

Now as for Pilkington, shame you pastor Pharaoh!  I would like to point out that HE SAYS out of HIS OWN mouth that #1 admitted to being a homosexual at some point in time.  #2 Admitted that he just got saved a little over a year ago.  So what do you think about that church member?  After all the years of telling you how sinful YOU are and how YOU need to get right, preach to his wife about not being saved and come to find out….look who’s talking.  Actually I didn’t need to hear a recording to know that though and you probably didn’t either. Your pastor who left Texas was gay, and unsaved.  Interesting huh? I wonder where you will stand after hearing this recorded conversation.  But how many would dare ask him about…no need, he’ll just lie anyway, but these recordings are exactly what was said.   Now I don’t really know about any of his homosexual past, but I really feel like something must still be in there based off of the sexually inappropriate questions he just flat out asked the Brother…REPEATEDLY.  Why was this such a big deal to Pilkington?  Maybe I’m missing something here, but pastor or not, that’s not a topic  you just throw into a conversation out the blue.  It had nothing to do with anything they were even talking about.  They should have discussed why Pilkington’s memory was so foggy when asked about Denis and his involvement with….”That garbage,”  AKA “Kabbalah” look it up!  Instead of letting someone teach it in a “Holiness” movement.  Let me guess, just like Pilkington, none of the other pastors will admit to hearing him say this either.

Lastly, we have Figueroa, ranting about his daughter, her husband and others sins.  Give me a break sir, there’s only one person that filthy and disgusting, and it’s you.  I personally worked as an associate pastor with the man for years (and it was no better than being a church member) and this was always his tone.  Sir I really hope you listen to yourself here and snap out of that trance that Denis has you under. YOU! get back to God and the “Gospel” and leave that “Goodspell” alone.   Haven’t you FIGured it out yet, both your sons are gone, and now your daughter, brother in law and grandchildren.   I guess his wife has to leave next, then what, because there’s no more integrity left after that.  A pastor of so many years and yet keeping his household has now come to an all-time low.  This is the result of being such a miserable wretch all your life and not letting anyone ever get close to you and love you as a friend and brother (which I personally tried to do for years).  Anyone is free to challenge that statement!  Instead of rebuking them all the time and saying, “I don’t care,” cause you do somewhere in there, how about trying LOVE  for a change.  But here’s the man who, when asked about the Bowers, mentioned he was my friend when I said “Good things.” This was before the website and before he believed all the lies about me (some of which he fabricated himself). But I got news for everyone here; this is “GOOD.”  HOW LONG WILL YE HALT BETWEEN TWO OPINIONS?












Praise the Lord, I’ve been set free!

Been thinking about writing on your personal experiences in HOPCC? I mean telling a “No holds barred” story that includes things that people have wondered about but never had the courage to ask and get the facts. Brothers and sisters, this section is just for that purpose; it is now your turn to tell your part of the story that has been hidden from others for years. We’re sick of hearing the “Pastors rendition” of what “Really” took place; it is now time that the real truth comes out.

People seem to think that everyone who leaves HOPCC is a lying, thieving, suspicious, never been saved to begin with, type of person. NOT TRUE! Not everyone leaves the church because “They wanted the world.” On the contrary, most of the members I knew in that church just wanted God, but were never afforded the opportunity to flourish. So I ask that you will take this opportunity to set the record straight. No, you have nothing to prove, but others need to have the veil lifted from off their eyes.

In this section you will find testimonies/experiences of both men and women who managed to break the chains of their taskmaster(s). Allow these autobiographies/testimonies to inspire you to make the right choice in both writing your own and realizing that this stuff is “FOR REAL.” Please feel free to put as much or as little as you desire, but understand that the goal here is to express your “ENTIRE” experience. Sorry, “Anonymous” names will not due for this one; first and last names only please.

Note, this can also be a good way to “HEAL” because there’s the realization that YOU are not the only who went through the craziness. Also, it’s a great way to just get this off your chest. Through it all, you must realize that YOU STILL HAVE A VOICE, and that God still wants you to keep talking, even though others wish to silence you. I say, “Shush” to all the nay saying, scripture twisting, money hungry, people hating, so called preachers and apostles who have become a “Snare” to God, His word, and his work.

If you need my assistance with editing, I will be glad to help, but I wont write it for you! Brothers and sisters, please take this opportunity to fully express what is on and in your hear of hearts. The things that you thought no one would ever understand; know that we do and encourage any and all to tell their story. We ARE the children of the Lord, and that fact stands even when after deceivers have made false accusations against us. Here’s your chance, take it, and express yourself so that others may hear. Thank you and God bless for each of your contributions to this section of the site.




Bro Retana-My expierence in House of Prayer Christian Church