Is the portal to the soul. It is a universal language that we can all relate to in some way or another. If your happy or sad, no matter the mood or attitude, your favorite song always sets the tone. Here’s the thing about music though that most people do not realize; how that it can be so influential to us human beings…and even offer comfort to animals. Everyone and everything seems to love music. Everyone has their favorites just like I have mine; gospel all the way for me. If it’s a song that gets me worshiping, that’s all the better. The media promotes musicians when they both sale and makes millions. But if you were to look into many of these musicians lives, you would find sorrow, sin and confusion. Often times it could be said that it’s these very emotions which drive a secular song up the charts.

When people can connect with your music via your emotions, you’re onto something, but when they can connect to God through your music, praise be to him. It’s a very little known fact that the greatest musician that there ever was or ever will be was Lucifer himself. What? Yes, that’s right, and if you think you can play an instrument exceedingly good after practicing for years, then try actually having some built inside of you. Wow! talk about the original “One man band.” How could you mess that up? Ezekiel 28:11-17 (Isaiah 5:12 speaks of the tabret and pipe as being instruments) Note: It also makes you wonder why “Diamonds” are a girls best friend, I’m just saying.

I actually got most of this from my wife (thank you sister Bowers, again) when after God had dealt with her about her playing and singing. We often wonder where the inspiration for music other that which glorifies God comes from; past experiences, emotions, failures, successes, but also Lucifer. No one wants to credit him for anything good and he made that easy by making music corrupt, and entertaining rather than pure and worshiping.

The Devil knows humanity and is fully capable of using any and everything that he can exploit; music being a prime “Instrument” to spread his lullaby “Note by note.” Even thought my wife is the main musical talent in this group, I will praise him with the help of her piano playing and singing. I might even play a little tambourine a time or too if it gets real good.

So the next time someone says they have an alter ego or they dress up to “Get into character” the bells should go off in your head and let you know it’s quite a bit more than that, it’s actually a demon entering in to take over. If someone sings gospel on one record label but then switches up their whole style for another and more money, there’s more going on than meets the eye. So now these days you might pick up a gospel CD with a bunch of biblical references in the title, but that junk might be 80% rap and 20% gospel. I’m not here to tell anyone what they should and shouldn’t listen to, but if I can’t worship in the right spirit when listening to a song, then it doesn’t make my music collection. If I feel like I just walked into a club and the scene is “Jumping,” but it’s actually the church, well then, I’m walking right back out that door to find somewhere else to attend. That’s just me though, you can do whatever your heart desires, but remember, it’s not just the Lord who knows your desires.