The following is intended to give a brief understanding of some of the events that led up to my untimely dismissal and betrayal from the church I attended.  It is here that you will find out what I’m all about (exposing hurtful Christian Churches).  I, Rev. P.A. Bowers will also discuss the ultimate reason as to why I personally began doing all of this writing and speaking out against such disorganizations.  I’m going to basically share with you what I did as a result, and what they did as a counter strike. This is not in any way meant for “Justification” but for “Clarification.” 

If the church you went or currently go to was anything like what I was a part of, then you already know what comes with “Leaving a church forever.”  One of those things is all the memories (the good but mostly bad), but the other is how you were made out to look like the worst person on the planet to the whole church.  Whether or not you find any of my credibility to be in question after reading this; that is completely your choice, but nonetheless, I WILL tell “My story.”  Here goes!

Indeed, if you plan on making a stand against these types of people, you already know that your going to be made into the worst possible person that ever walked on Gods green earth.  And this is because true exposure puts people in a light that they’d rather have shine on everyone else but them.  I never knew the lengths that my ex-church would go to, just to shut me up.  But I guess when your messing up their lackluster reputation as a “Holiness church” and showing the world that they could care less about anything but the members money, then rightly so. 

Now I’m trying really hard not to recreate the previous website that I had specifically pertaining to the church I used to attend, but for clarification purposes, there are some things that need to be talked about on here also.  And I will talk about them!  Reason being, having all these things on this site without an explanation doesn’t make sense without first telling you why I’ve taken it upon myself to speak on such a topic.

I’m sure all kinds of establishments and events come to mind when the word “Cult” is mentioned; but very rarely will you see this word associated with a “Christian-type” church, or so I though.  Unfortunately, words like depression, stress, suicidal, debt, brokenness, lies, greed, anxiety attack, confusion, bondage and enemy are now associated with many a church.  Yes, these are things that we all came to church to be freed and forgiven of, not added back into our lives.

When someone said the word “Cover up” in a Holiness church, it meant just that, to stop showing off your body to others or not dressing in a manner which causes lustful feelings and thoughts in others.   Never in my life time would I believe that same “Cover-up” in the church would come to mean; plot, obscure, hide, deceive, scheme or pull the wool over ones eyes.   It seems to me that way to many preachers are starting out with good intentions, but in these last days, they’ve taken a turn for the worse and not the better.  I’ve always said, “It’s one thing when you sin, but another when you drag others into your sin.”  As a Christian, we have to start learning at some point in time how to decipher “What is truth” in the church and when we recognize it, keep it, and throw the rest away.  Somewhere along the line, we got things backwards; Keep the “Lies” but throw away the “Truth” and those who speak, believe and live it.

I’m not going to go deep into this because I have other material that I’m either writing or revising for this site that pertains to what I’m about to say.  But the day had finally come when these wicked preachers would put their plan of craftiness into practice.  It was a Thursday afternoon when it all went down.  After we had concluded prayer meeting, as was custom, we assembled together for soul winning.  But much to my surprise (I really hate reliving this scene) my pastor showed up and came into the church just before we concluded. 

The trap was set and now it was time to spring the cage over my head to contain me.  It was a surprise indeed to see him there because I knew nothing of his arrival from Georgia the precious day (we were in Texas), but the other preachers and wives secretly did.  So basically after most of the people leave, he went into his customary talking loud and screaming rebukes with made up stories about us doing wrong. He mentioned a lot of things, (which you’ll hear about later) which I knew to be false.  When he said “I was hurting the people,” that took the cake, and from that point on, I knew it was all going to be fabrications from his tainted imagination.  And today, I still challenge ANYONE to come forth with that accusation and make it stick.  I double dare any single person in that whole organization to come forth and say that I didn’t love the people.  I might be guilty of other things, but never (by the grace of God) that.   There’s not a single pastor there who could honestly say that when I worked with them that I was intentionally hurting the people.  No Sir! 

So once he said that, I already knew new something was amiss and that they were out to get me.  I might have played dumb or nonchalant at times, but believe me, I knew what was going on.  Then there was the “House” thing; I’ll talk about that too.  It slipped out while he was enraged, trembling from his anger (fact: I really was there).  Actually, it’s been a very long time since I’d seen anyone get that angry, and belligerent towards another person.  One word sums that up, “Demon.” But basically we thought we were moving into a house, but they, again, had other motives for it.  Long story short, we were all packed up and ready to go, just waiting for things to get finalized, but they didn’t.  While in the middle of trying to acquire our new home, someone else was busy doing the shame, I mean same. 

One of the local pastors from the organization was told to go in and buy the house without my knowledge, but it wasn’t meant to be as gift to me that’s for sure.  It would become a makeshift church (an illegally added building) and what we called a “Serviceman’s home,” a concept that started out as a “Home away from home” but turned unto a local “Group home.”  I said all that to say this; I was also accused of trying to still away in the night because I had most of my belonging packed.  Um, actually, we were packed because we thought we were going to get that house. 

I can remember it just like yesterday; when I made that point, the local pastor behind me did his customary, “Humph,” which meant, BUSTED!  Because it was actually him who told my pastor that we were packed and trying to leave in the first place.  See, when people are busy trying to do “Wrong,” they forget the Bible and the right way of doing things.  If I was so messed up and out of tune with God, then why was there never a point in time (all the years) when my pastor dealt with it correctly.  And furthermore, why would he mention that when God moved during a service I was preaching, that nothing like that would happen if I wasn’t right with God?  Go ahead, ask him!  Watch the snake, as it sits, waits, then STRIKES!

I distinctly remember when he came into the building and called my wife and I towards him; the evil spirit that was personified in that place gave me the chills (and that was just after prayer meeting.) So don’t tell me his intentions were honest!  And later I found out that my wife had a dream previously, with God telling her that “They were coming to kick you out.”  You can say what you want here, but I have no reason to doubt what she said because it happened there soon afterwards.  

After all his 15-30 minute long “Repuke,” we left (with her crying) to go home to sort things out.  What just happened?  The next day they send another preacher (who coincidentally happened to also be from out of town, but there that week) to retrieve the vehicle that we had been driving.  Word to the wise; if you buy anything, don’t put anyone’s name on the form unless it’s your faithful spouse.  They came and got that vehicle with the quickness, and drove it to California for yet another pastor to enjoy.  Which ironically enough, turned out to be the previous pastor I worked with for many years as well.  But I must say, it was nice having for the time I did though.  Praise God for that!  Hopefully one day I can get myself another one, but we’ll have to wait and see.  But since I don’t travel anymore, I’ll take owning a house first.

After leaving the church, I eventually started writing, and the more I did it, the more I loved it.  I had seen so many succeed at selling e-books so I figured why not give it a try.  I ended up marketing several books which all in all where not doing the greatest, but would still earn me a few bucks at the end of the month. If figured that this would be one of those things that takes time, and was happy with really making anything at the time.  I had to do something to better myself, and keep my mind straight and soon writing moved into audio recordings (after I started the site).  Sadly, I must admit that I wasted a lot of years on something that God had enabled me to do proficiently.   I would have never even known any of this except I left the church, because my mind was so bound to functioning at the basic level.

Their retaliation:  These are the events that tool place when after I published my first website exclusively about the church I attended.  Well, where do I start?  I’m not going to give all the ins and outs by putting the actual conversations and comments because that was on the other site long enough.  But I merely want to recap those events, not recreate them.  First there was my e-books that I had for sale on Amazon; they went to each of the books rating panels and left the most ridiculous, negative, foolish ratings that anyone could ever think of.  Then they Attacked the few YouTube audio clips that I had up by doing the exact same thing.  Now mind you, some of this material had absolutely zero to do with them, church or even the bible because they were “How to” and “Marriage” books. 

They even went as far as put information about me on a “Wicca” site.  Really guys?!?! What can you say, when the devil fights, he fights.  Think I’m done, nope!  Next I started getting calls, comments on my site and emails from them, threatening and telling me how wrong I was and how that I’m hurting the people.  Yes, this is still the so called “Holiness” church I’m talking about.  At one point they even had someone go all the way to PA. (when I lived there) just to send messages through my site with the IP Address showing up as local spots.  Now that’s desperate! And I still can’t believe this one myself. Talking about, “We’re all around you,” as if dozens of people happened to live in the same area, who where also familiar with the site.  No doubt these are still the same scare tactics they use on people today. Fact: No one there even had any idea I had a site up, so that too was insanely “Out there.”  What it was, I was just messing up their shenanigans, and money laundering schemes when people started getting delivered. 

As the battle raged on, I noticed one after another, various web sites about their church started popping up out of nowhere, promoting how great of a church they were(n’t).  It was comical to read because you know that most of the comments were fakes even though they used real church members names.  The funny thing is, they would take words like “A new hope,” or one of my other titles and make it into one of their overnight sites.  Most of their “Official” sites have been taken down; actually come to think of it, the same day mine did.  Gotta keep hiding things!  But I thought the members weren’t allowed to….oh, never mind.

About this time, it was officially proclaimed a decree in the church, that no one was allowed on my site or they faced instant excommunication (which was another lie).  Till this day I still find it interesting how that they were able to blindside so many people into believing their version of the truth about me.  I guess they had to make it sound believable so they would look like the hero and not the villain.

You know, when I left the church, I had no intention of doing any of this.  I would have just disappeared off the planet like everyone else did who got kicked out in the past, except for one thing.  It was one single event that caused me to rear up and fight back (for once in my life).  Even after the lies, debt, confusion, anguish, shunning and anger at the whole thing, I would still remain silent, and would have left them well enough alone.  It wasn’t until they did something that really pushed my button, and got me in a different mind set. 

It was when a good friend, and fellow minister whom I’ve known since the early 90’s fell into distress because of the church.  I’d already been out of the church for all about 8 months or so when I got the news that my previous so called pastor attacked this man and his wife with accusations and lies while right in the middle of a so called revival service.  I stand to be corrected, but it looks to me that they were waiting for the coast to be clear by making sure that I was no longer an issue or threat to them.  Boy, was they wrong! 

Long story short, he told him and his wife to leave the church, which in turn meant they vacate the brothers house they were staying at (with less than a months time notice) (thanks brother).  This sent him into a tailspin causing him to crash and burn.  This is emotional for me because he no longer talks to anyone associated with that church including myself.  He was a good dad, preacher and husband and she a wonderful mother, sister who prayed sincerely, cared about the people…and THEY knew this.  So my question is why did they do it?  Oh, and they had a young son and daughter to top it off.  You can pray all you want, but when you do things like this to people, not only are you not a Christian, you’re an “Animal,” and that’s directed.

But once again, everyone stood by idle and just continued on living their miserable lives as if this was some spiritual cleansing of the church meant to eradicate the unjust.  If that were true, they missed a whole lot of people.  And once again, I would have probably did the same thing they did had I been there.  The blind leading the blind single file into the gully. Each one of those members in that church service that day should be ashamed of themselves for caring less about my brother in Christ, but it just wasn’t in their nature to care.  After all the love and sacrifice he gave to those people; but not Gods people.  Essentially, this is what set me on end, causing me to begin writing for the next two years about that church specifically. 

And in the end, some were rescued and brought to land, while others still remain undecided, treading on the waters of “False hope,” wondering if the broken boards and pieces will keep them afloat.  As to what the rest of them will do, well that’s their decision.  As for me and my thoughts on all of this; “My story has just begun.”  So there you have it, a drop in the bucket of my past experiences, my motivations for writing, and the facts of what happened when I left for good.