Giving is just one of those things that we Christians do, but how many of us actually know what or who we are giving to?

After you’ve read the articles, listened to the audio recordings on this site, my hope and prayer is that you can see that what you have in front in the form of this website is truly inspired of God and not a half-hearted attempt at explaining what true Christianity is or should be.

I’ve sowed seeds into many a ministry, only to come to the realization that they were only interested in what I would give financially, rather than my personal spiritual growth and dedication to God.  I will not ever intentionally mislead anyone down that road.

I am more interested in people giving themselves to Christ and seeing them in heaven, than I am a dollar bill, because this life WILL pass away, then whose shall these things be? This is my ministry, this is what I do, this is my part in Christianity and I pray that you do your part by giving, first prayerfully and then financially as the Lord leads you.

No twisting arms, guilt trips, rebukes or scriptures condemning you to hell for not giving.  It’s just plain and simple, if this site is a blessing to you, then all I ask is that you consider offering up and giving a donation. Thank you and God bless! 

LUKE 17:11-19

  1. Shows us that we can’t stand afar off “Watching from a distance” but expecting a “Close up blessing” (verse 12). 
  2. Returning to tell your story and being thankful for the Lords deliverance is the other part of the blessing….that many unfortunately never receive because they “Are not found” (verse 18). 
  3. Some have moved on with their lives after an unfortunate or misunderstanding concerning their Christian experience, but they have yet to be “Made whole” (verse 19).

God has always used humanity to reach humanity and this is why we are a “Body of believers,” with one mind, purpose and desire….to reach the lost (and hurt, cast aside  Christians through restoration) TOGETHER.  We need each other and must support each other….that’s the ONLY way that Christianity works. 

One person should never get stuck doing all the work while others reap the benefits of his or her labors (super rich pastors with spiritually, mentally and financially broke members).   We’ve all seen that before, by the grace of God, NOT ON MY WATCH!

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