My intention here was to record services from my home, however, at this present time I lack the necessary equipment to do so.  I did at least want to put something up on here though.  The following recordings are are few of the services that my wife recorded on her cell phone of me preaching.  I did what I could to doctor them up so they could be heard clearly.  Unfortunately, once the music starts, I had no choice but to cut it out even though things were still being said, because it was just too distorted. 

I really hope you enjoy the services, and find them to be a blessing today, even though they were recorded many years ago.  Please continue to pray that I can get some worthwhile recording and editing equipment for singing, preaching, teaching and the like. 

I’m doing the best that I can with what I currently have, but it still takes about an hour plus just to edit about 20-30 minutes of material.  In addition to that, it takes about another hour plus for the initial recording because of stopping and starting.  Just so you know; a 30 minute recording actually takes approximately 3-4 hours total to complete and that doesn’t include converting the file to a suitable audio format, which is then uploaded to the server, then uploaded to the site.  I’m saying all of this because I really do need your prayers on this, because sometimes it’s not the most quietest place to record, and at times it gets frustrating when I cant achieve the quality that I desire.

As I go through these recordings, I will continually add them to the site.  In addition to the prerecorded preaching services, I will also include various bible studies that I conducted.  God Bless!