Since when did it become common place for a prophet to hit the church of God up for $500-$1000 offerings every time they are in town?  How is it that we’ve allowed “Christianity” to be the main culprit of such confusion?  Why have we subjected ourselves to these money laundering gimmicks? We’ve literally sat back and numbly watched as little by little a repertoire of justifications were created to suite and serve these pathetic so called prophets.  So, am I paying for the prophecy, their popularity or the fact that I’ve been living in sin and I can be “Blessed” by giving financially?…which is it?

As the people of God, we’ve got to stop supporting these adulterous, money hungry, false witness bearing individuals of…who knows what god.  At some point in time something should tell you that if your pastor is driving a car worth more than your house, your in debt and have been attending their church for 15 years, something needs to change….or should I say, “Someone.”  Now you can be an idiot and continue to pray for your corrupt pastor to be blessed of God, however, I believe you’d do much, much better if you just turn those prayers towards yourself.  Are you seriously going to fall for the “Well, what I do with my money, is my business,” line for the rest of your life?  I’ll bet you can’t say that back to your pastor as he continues to milk you dry of your savings every month.  If it aint the truth, then I aint gonna tell it!

Shame on you! You have the money for nice things, but yet you’d rather see someone else spend it and benefit instead of your own family.  Are you still insisting that “God told you to do it?” More than likely someone told you that God said to give X amount of dollars….so you did.  I understand, just being obedient to the man of god so you don’t miss out on your personal blessing.  It must be embarrassing, you just sitting there and all, when everyone gets up to give a huge offering. 

But Why can’t God himself just tell us?  Why can’t you feel led to give a certain amount even before the 30 minutes of “Pump up the offering” begins?  When I give in a church, no one has to tell me what the need is, or a suggested amount, because the Lord is real to me.  But truth be told, many times I gave more than I should have or intended to because of the way the offering was marketed.  Yes, I was one of those who over-road what God said because of the guilt complex placed on me. I would like to say that most churches don’t ride their members for offerings, but I’m afraid I may me incorrect on that.  Someone please prove me wrong on this, I would welcome it. 

A sure sign you’re in the midst of a “Profit” is when everyone who is in their inner circle of “Prophet” friends is telling you that god wants your money.  Their equation for spiritual success and blessing comes in the form of material gain. I guarantee they sit around bragging about how much they hit this and that church of gullible Christians up for, while sharing with each other their swindling techniques. 

I’m not against giving to a church that’s doing what it’s supposed to be doing (in love), even to the point when the pastor does have nice things.  I don’t in any way, shape, form, or fashion discriminate against a pastor who is preaching for the right reasons and God sees fit to bless him abundantly in the financial department.  It’s when that particular pastor has the people thinking that giving everything to the church is a blessing…when it’s actually a curse.  Ask me how I know! Every single message….Money!  Oh, but when you need some spiritual guidance…”Just pray sister,”  how convenient. If someone is after your money, they could really care less about what’s happening in your life, just as long as you keep giving. 

It’s funny though, the church that kicked me out; I wonder if they would have done so if I was raking in the cash politician style?  If I was making that 5K-10K kind of salary every month.  I have to say, there is not a respectable bone in body for anyone who takes advantage of people like this.  They tell the rich man to sit at the head of the table and the less fortunate to sit on the floor at their feet. 

Note: If you have some stranger that your pastor just let get up and preach or admonish on something during a church service for no apparent reason…. you might want to find out why?  Oh it’s not your business right?  That’s only the place where you frequent several times a week, give your money, time and life to, but yet it’s none of your business!?!?  Every time I saw this happen, that person turned out to be an investor of some sort.  Yes, some pastors have became so morally weak and hungry for profits that the sacred pulpit is being used as a bargaining session.  If this isn’t true, then how come that person never got up there again? Sellouts!  Harsh? But I’m sure that’s nothing compared to what your used to hearing right in your church from a pastor who cares less. Please sir, just give the people the word, and God will tell them what, when and who to give in return.