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Here you will find out how we do it at the Bowers household when it comes to cooking and eating. I’m quite certain this is as close to heavenly food than anyone can get. Not only is the food ridiculously delicious, it’s prepared in love and dedication. Note: Please excuse the not so stellar quality of some of the photos; initially we weren’t taking pictures for this web site, but just for the fun of it.

I am totally convinced that the way to THIS man’s heart is his stomach.  It wasn’t always this way though, but my wife had to put forth the effort and work very hard at it….and it definitely shows. While in our younger years of marriage, she didn’t know diddly about cooking, preparing and serving up a good meal, but now, watch out! All I have to say is; hopefully it gets better for you brother if your wife has no cooking skills, we’ll be praying for you (but it won’t stop me from chowing down on some home cooked vittles).  

I’ll bet you brothers are wishing they didn’t get rid of sister Bowers now.  I tell my wife that the church was really dumb getting rid of her.  She cooks, sings, plays the piano, prays, and loves helping people.  Oops! but not sayeth the Lord.  Them brothers couldn’t wait for my wife to cook on Fridays, and they would destroy my wife’s meals every single time.  However, on most other days of the week  they would eat at Taco Bell or Burger King before they got home for dinner.  The ladies were so jealous of her cooking skills that they would try and set her up for failure by not having the correct ingredients for the meal to be prepared or setting the food out to defrost like they were supposed to.  But God saw it and blocked it by making her food taste even better and helping us to identify the potential error in advance so it could be fixed. 

Food still has to be made in love people.  I remember how the pastor would get so angry at my wife because everyone wanted to help my wife in the kitchen but not his wife when it was her turn.  What really got him ticked off was when she specially prepared smaller portions for the select brothers who didn’t like something like onions in their food.  Yes, she went out of her way to be a blessing, but for some that was too much consideration.  I guess none of those pastors have to worry about it now, fools! 

They actually thought that my wife was going to leave me and stay with them…not a chance.  By the grace of God, even though they realized her usefulness many times over, she realized their tricks and stood by her husband (high five).  See, because of others sins, and evil ways, now everyone has to miss out on awesome fellowship and especially good foods.  I really hope they are enjoying their stale food bank tortilla chips, and ultra expired pizza, meats and sweets.  As you can see, I’m enjoying every single bite that I put in my mouth.  Well bro, you can always go back to the chow hall, that is until you get out of the military.  Thank you sister Bowers for all of the great eats that you have provided throughout the years.


All-time favorites: Well, I had to start somewhere, so why not start with some of my absolute favorites. “Carne Asada Fries” is a delicious combo of French fries, topped with seasoned meat and cheese. The optional sides consist of sour cream (not for me), guacamole, salsa (both made fresh) and ketchup. The other dish is “Jalapeno Chicken.” We have been eating and enjoying this dish since the early 90’s. It had become a classic staple in just about every members household. This is the stuff that dreams are made of. It consists of layers of mixed together ingredients including sour cream, chicken, spinach, jalapenos topped off with Doritos. If you can find someone who knows how to make it correctly….oh my goodness! Accompany this dish with corn pudding and seasoned rice.


Various Desserts: Everything from dutch apple pie to chocolate cake and pecan pie, all of my favorites till I die, my oh my…..Yum! Click Here To View

Spaghetti & Meatballs: Here’s something that I think most people on this planet eat (maybe not this good). Spaghetti & Meatballs (homemade again) with some Texas toast (Garlic bread with cheese on top) (also homemade) and a salad on the side.  If you want to take your salads to the next level, then try some of those glazed Walnuts on the top (sorry they don’t sell them like this in the store, you have to make them yourself.  I have pictured several different salads that we’ve eaten, as you can see we love plenty of veggies on in it.  Simply delicious!


Canning: Cantaloupe, Watermelon, Strawberry jellies, Cranberry sauce, Pickles (garden fresh cucumbers), Green beans, fruit juice, flavored syrup, Corned beef (W/potatoes), Potatoes, Relish, pickled peppers, BBQ Pork, Pineapples, Apple sauce, Pear butter, Pasta e Fagioli soup, Salsa. That mass of the vegetables was from a local farmers market in PA. We got a massive bag of peppers and tomatoes for like pennies on the dollar. We made so much Salsa it was crazy but it went sooo fast.  And of course, fresh jellies are incomplete without fresh bread to spread it on. Wow!  Click Here To View

Snacks/treats: Granola bars, Bean dip and chips, Rice crispy treats, fruit roll-ups/dried fruit (via dehydrator) Chex mix….all Homemade! I guarantee that once you start making fresh snacks for your family, you’ll never go back to the prepackaged version ever again.  And not only does this stuff taste great, it’s also much more cost effective when you have the proper means of storage to preserve your goodies in.  Click Here To View

Homemade Chinese: Yes, we had to do it! We broke out with the electric Wok to mix up some shrimp fried rice and egg rolls.  This isn’t something that we do very often because it takes quite a bit of preparation.  When you get tired of eating mediocre Chinese food that cost you a fortune (cookie), you’ve got to rise to the occasion.  This food came out so tasty and authentic that I though I ordered out.  What was awesome about this was the team effort.  There’s lots to prep, combine, chop and fry, but in the end, it was totally worth it.  Both the rice and the egg rolls lasted for several day.  YUM! Click Here to View: